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Video games are the most known way of entertainment for us. People of all ages love to play video games. First there was arcade games, then came the home video game consoles. After that, when personal computers were available computer games came and ruled for a long time still they are. In the modern age, there are mobile games. Now mobile games are ruling the world.

Video games have been around us since the 1950s. Then, the computer scientists began to design simple games and simulators for their own entertainment purposes. Within ten years, the students, as well as the teachers of M.I.T, started to play these games regularly. Video games were not popular amongst the general people until the 1970s or 1980s. During this period, arcade games were introduced. Arcade games were video games played with joysticks, buttons, gaming consoles and various other controls. They consisted with colorful graphics which were shown by a computer screen.

During the development of the arcades, the first generations of home consoles came out. With these consoles people were allowed to play games at their home ploughing the console with the Tv and turning the TV into a gaming screen. One of the most favorite and most sold games was ‘Pong’ there was a lot of clones of pong as well. Some of the famous old arcade games are, Donkey Kong, Packman, Space Invader, Galaga and more. Some famous old home console games are, Gun*Nag, Balloon Fight, Metroid, Super Mario Bros. and more.

At the end of the 1980s mainframe computers were available. They were cheaper in price and eiser to use. So the era of computer gaming started. These computers were run by DOS operating system. So these games are called dos games. Some famous dos games of the 90s are, Prince of persia, doom, wolfenstein 3D, duke, heretic, prince of persia 2, raptor and many more. Wolfenstein 3D was the first games to introduce first person shooting games. And it created a new genre. In the late 90s and early 2000s the pc started to become more compatible. LCD screens, console for pc, sound system started to develop only for gaming and the pc games started to rule.

From the latre 2011 smartphones started to become popular. The android operating system opened a new era of mobile gaming. Though there was mobile games available at that time such as, PSP, gameboy, etc. But android and google play store gave the smartphone user to play video games free from the play store. They can download and play games for free. Some of the early mobile games were, angry birds, cut the rope, candy crush, temple run etc.

Then mobile multiplayer games came. One of the first popular multiplayer games was clash of clans. And now the most played multiplayer mobile game is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds mostly known as PUBG. PUBG is one of the highest played video games of all time. It can be played as a single player or in a group. People mostly play in a group. The members of the group are connected and they can have verbal communication through the headphones during the gameplay. You and your group are thrown into a battle ground with no supply or weapons. There are other groups there as well. You have to survive till the end and then you can win. So the main strategy is to survive.


To play this game, you must have a multitouch mobile phone. You simultaneously need to move your hand around the screen to look, move or shoot. Some times which becomes difficult. And if you do not have a smartphone that has multitouch, you can not play the games. But not to worry. On ajkerdeal you will find the best gaming consoles. You can buy PUBG control online in Bangladesh and can enjoy the game without any interjections. Not only PUBG control. But also other controls. You will find a various collection of mobile gaming accessories on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is here to make your online shopping experience great.


Mobile Gaming Trigger:


Mobile gaming triggers are a special kind of console that was designed to perform one or two particular tasks. The name suggests that it triggers only. Which means it is not like a joystick, you have to move your player like you always do but this console will help you to fire or trigger without moving hands. You can now buy mobile gaming trigger online in bangladesh. You just have to place an order and we will deliver it to your front door.

Mobile Joysticks:

Joysticks or joypads or game pads are like a remote control for games. It has a few buttons and a movable stick. With the movable stick you can move your player, there are arrow keys as well, with them you can make your player walk. Then there are some other keys with which you can control other functions of your games. The joysticks that are used for mobile phones are connected via bluetooth. Which means you do not have to worry about a cable or the length of the cable. You can know bluetooth joystick price in Bangladesh and buy them from ajkerdeal.

PUBG Game controller:

Than there is a specialized controller for only PUBG. As mentioned earlier, this game needs a simultaneous activity of both hands. Sometimes it becomes harder. In pressure many players panic and misfire of misstep during the gameplay. And we all know that if you die in a multiplayer games, there is no way to reset. You have to start a new game. To avoid this embarrassing situation it is wise to have a PUBG controller. It allows you to multitask without moving your hands. You can now buy PUBG controller online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal.


Mobile Gaming Stands:

There are some mobile gaming stands. These stands will help you to keep your mobile phone in a stable position while you are playing with a joystick. When you are playing with game pads, you can not hold the mobile and the controller at the same time. So these stands will help you to keep the phone in a better position. So, do not get late, visit ajkerdeal and buy mobile stand online in Bangladesh.