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Cable organizer is a supporting weir or holder that keeps the cables organized and safe. It is very important to keep your cables organized. Cable means an assembly of one or more than one conductive metal wire and covered by an insulator material mostly plastic or rubber. Cable are used to transport electric current. Most of the cables consist of copper wire because of its high conductivity.

The word cable came from a nautical line with a specific length. The line was made with multiple thin rope and become a strong thick rope. This rope was used to anchor large ships. With the development of electric technology, people started to use use a combination of copper wire instead of a bare single copper wire. This method is similar to cabling so the name electric cable was adapted. In the late 19th and early 20th century the electric cables were wrapped with clothes, rubber or paper. Plastic wrapping is a recent adaptation. The plastic wrapping gives the cables more durability and these are much safer now.

Electric cables are not only used to transport electric current. It has a lot of other functions. Electric cables can connect two devices, it can transfer electric signals between the two connected devices. It can also transfer information. They are mostly used in electronic devices in power connection and network connection. To keep the devices work properly the cable should be organized. There are several ways to organize cable, such as cable ties, cable trays, cable trunkings etc. the cable which are always on the move should be organized with a cable tie. To help you with your cable organizing ajkerdeal has a large collection of cable organizers. You can buy cable organizers online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal.


Wire Box:

Wire box is a kind of box that holds the wires. If you have any kids in your home than you must need a cable box or wire box. Wire box is made of insulator material such as plastic or wood. The box has several holes from which the cables can go out or in. it is helpful if you have kids or pets in your house. It keeps the cable and your loved once safe. You can now buy wire box online in BD. you have the option to know the price of wire box in Bangladesh.

Earphone Case

Earphone case or box are the most important thing in current times. By keeping the earphone inside our pocket we can damage the wire of the earphone. So, ajker deal has earphone box in lowest price. You can order them online and it will be on your doorstep.

Cable Clip

Cable clips will help you to organize the cable of your desktop PC, or your television. Cable clip basically organizes a group of cable and keeps them together and hold them into a position so that they do not move or get disconnected. You can now order cable clip or wire clip online from ajkerdeal.

Cable Protector:

Cable protector is a spring made with plastic or rubber. The old telephone headset wires are the same. It actually protects the end of a cable where the cable meets the jack or plug or usb or whatever. Sometimes this ending points gets broken because of twisting or moving. So the protector absorbs all the pressures that are being put on the cable. You can use them on your charging cable or data cable. It works as a data cable protector. You can now order these protectors online on ajkerdeal.

Leather Cable Organizer:

Leather cable organizer is a sheet of leather with a push button. You can wrap any cable with it and the cables will not get messed up. These types of organizers are most stylish and you can take them anywhere. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of these cable organizers. There are plenty of options from which you can choose one as your color, size or design preference. You can tie your headphone, data cable, table lamp cable desktop pc cable and many more. You can now buy leather cable organizer in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. You just have to place the order and your most trusted online shopping store will bring your product to your home.