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Best & attractive Kabli Panjabi Price in Bangladesh

Kabuli is another from the other dresses and upper garments used by men only. In Bangladesh, several people have individual dress predilection zests with vigorous cultures. Kabuli manifests in our Bangladeshi cultures within the colorful holy occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Puja additional cultural functions like Baishaki, Falgun, Weddings, Party’s, Regular wear and so many more. Among all cultural values, AjkerDeal gives the best collection of Kabuli to maintain all traditional functions.

Kabuli is fundamentally the most prevalent among the Mughal emperors but this outfit is treated in Bangladeshi wear in the Sultani period. For that reason, men traditionally consume Punjabi on religious and cultural events. And it seems to wear perfectly comfortable in a classy and formal usage. If you require formal Kabuli in satisfactory situations and light to use then visit Bangladesh's largest online website on AjkerDeal at a reasonable price.   

There are types of Kabuli categories in Ajkerdeal websites which is based in various categories of appreciated fabrics materials that are 

  • Addi cotton
  • Cotton, Silk
  • Dhupian Silk
  • Mixed silk
  • Endi silk
  • Endi cotton
  • Endi Muslin
  • Mixed cotton
  • Handloom Cotton
  • Handloom Viscose
  • Matka silk
  • Jayshree silk
  • Viscott with cotton & 
  • viscose, 
  • Poly Cotton, 
  • Ramie cotton, 
  • Linen, Embroidery, 
  • Silk & 
  • Cotton with Sico, etc

That absolutely for your stylish outlooks.  


AjkerDeal has many categories of Men’s Kabuli category which is based on Suti, White, Black, Colourful, Silk, Boishakhi collection, Short, Semi long, Long, Black and white, Party wear, Kabli Punjabi and numerous others. 

Kabuli introduces to the comfortable wears for men’s. From time to time Kabuli Designs and categories are changed constantly with various changes. Kabuli regularly has used by the plain decoration designed by Handloom Cotton, Linen, Suti, Silk and Viscott fabrics. Striped and checked designed Kabuli is built your traditional outlooks with solid white color Kabuli that suitable for people of all ages and religions. 

In the Striped and Checked category, Kabuli is famous for the young generation as well as adults because of its several light Colours, Sizes for perfects shapes in body fitting, quality materials of traditional fabrics in cotton and silk which comfortably useable and comfortable. It additionally provides the additional peculiarities of a modest yet fashionable outlook with various designs and multiple different kinds of colorful buttons that added another look in the   outfit. So, buy for men’s Striped and checked Kabuli online from the largest online shop in Bangladesh, 

Sometimes Kabuli contemplated the religious clothes on the people of South Asia. In Muslim society, people went to the mosque in Kabuli throughout prayer times. In the largest cases, the people of our country used Kabuli for extensive meetings, prayers time, various family occasions which manifest our culture through the consumed by designed striped and checked Kabuli. So, Check out our Kabuli collection to grab your desired Checked or Striped Kabuli at an affordable price from the largest online shop in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal.

At the existing time, people are presently watching for Kabuli with accurate body shape and good fittings. However, Kabuli not worn by some people but the majority of people worn traditional designer Kabuli with a long sleeve type along with side pockets. In common, Punjabi detected in a white color maximum of the time that is also preferable for seniors who love to wear it. We can accommodate some striped or checked designed in white and other light colors of linen Kabuli. 

Our men’s collection extends the checked and striped cotton sufficient Kabuli which form with 100% cotton with various fashionable sizes as 38,40,42,44 in chest and length sizes that designs trendy lookings at cultural functions in fabulous fits. Provide your casual look by the twist of checked and striped Punjabi at the broad array of colors, fabrics, designs and sizes form and decide according to your choices. 

Our collection has several Bangladeshi brands of Ecstasy, Luban, Infinity and Le Reve which provides you a fashionable casual look through their different kinds of striped and checked design Kabuli. So, Buy Striped and checked Kabuli online from AjkerDeal at the best price in Bangladesh And change your special day in colorful and memorable as well.