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Buy Black and White Panjabi for Men in BD - New Design

Punjabi is very popular not only at the festival but also at parties. Especially on Friday, Punjabi is worn all day long by men. Even in the evening, even at night. Clothing is most popular in family, social or religious festivals. Diversity is seen in Punjabi fashion. But when the context of the dress arises, a similar image comes to our head. White pajamas or pants and a pair of slippers with white, black or Punjabi of different colors. Black and White Panjabi for Men in BD. Buy best qualtiy Panjabi at Cheap Price in Bangladesh. Home delivery all over Bangladesh.

Nowadays, fashion-conscious youths wear Punjabi of various colors and designs. After the Punjabi stylists are teenagers, young and old. The collection of Punjabi in the fashion houses is quite large. Men are also interested in deshi Punjabis. 

Variation In Collar of Punjabi

Everyone in our country is usually accustomed to wearing band collar Punjabi. But there is more diversity. Different designs can be customized in Punjabi with a style statement. Such as Collarless, Sat collar, Kabli, High-necked design, Shahi Collar Punjabi, etc. Any type of pants can be worn with any of these. With Punjabi, only the sleeper has to be worn. Shoes, even boots, can be worn. That's the real deal. 

The Punjabi sleeve should not be raised on the wrist, the length should not be more or less. This is because wearing it at a certain size is normal. Sounds interesting too. With Punjabi, the pants should not be extra long. There is nothing that can be done about it, but even if you get attention, the negative feelings of the personality will arise. Punjabi requires some elegant taste. Absolutely black, white or white-black Punjabi is also attractive.

The Fabric of Punjabi

Cotton is important because of our weather. Most of the year, the temperature is upward, so comfort is the highest. Apart from this, all fashionable garments are being made with khadi, in line with modern fashion. Punjabi is one of the old traditions. Khadi Punjabi is the same as fashionable and comfortable. 

Length of The Punjabi

The younger people of this generation are more comfortable in semi-long Punjabi than tall Punjabi. Because such a Punjabi is just as comfortable to wear, just as stylish. If you want to bring a stylish look, you may buy a semi-long Punjabi from

However, at present, the designers have changed the design of the long Punjabi. Long gone Punjabi has come out with a stylish look. Thinking about the young, the middle and the old, the long Punjabi has undergone different changes. Because fashion is no longer limited to a certain age.

Black And White Punjabi

Generally, White Punjabi are worn by elderly people for Namaz (for Muslims) and Prayer(for Hindu). But without these, nowadays, young people also like to wear white Punjabi for style and comfort. But maintaining a white Punjabi is quite tough. Still, there are appeals for white Punjabi. Black Punjabi is also worn these days. 

Black and white Punjabi are generally worn in International Mother Language Day, 21st February. At that time white clothes were going on. Yet on this twenty-first day of February, white clothing became a symbol of pure purity. And he has to put on a black badge - in the grief of losing a brother. Hand-painted flowers, the white color of mourning over white clothes. The start of February 21 is remembered in our white and black clothes. From there, the Bengalis take part in the morning in February, marching to the Shaheed Minar and holding a black badge, a symbol of mourning over the white Punjabis. At this time, on the 21st February, white and black clothing has been created. However, it is also important to mention that the dress of this day is not only white and black, but its design embodies the significance of Ekushey's consciousness and proper sentimentality.

Ekushey ceremony has been done in most Bengali medium schools by wearing black badges on school clothes, though many children were wearing white and black sarees and Punjabis. The same trend is now prevailing in English medium schools. The school authorities have already issued a letter informing the students that they will attend the Ekushey ceremony, wearing white and black clothing. In addition, wearing white-and-black clothing on different occasions has become an unwritten tradition.

The white and the black colors are mixed with the euphemism of Ekushey and the celebration of International Mother Language Day. Responding to the values ​​of human consciousness, every clothing market, small and large, shows white and black clothing in February across the country. The country's largest fashion houses play a leading role in this regard. Renowned costume designers are embracing the spirit of Ekushey every year and bring new designs.

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