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Buy Pajama Online in BD | Best Quality Fabric Made Pajama Online

Pajama is a leg clothing to be worn to be comfortable. Have you ever thought about the wonderful name, Pajama? The Pajama word comes from the Hindi word “Pae Jama” or  “Pai Jama”. The usage of Pajama dates back to the empire of the Ottoman. Pajamas are basically a type of trousers that is tied at the waist with a drawstring or cord. In India, Bangladesh, Iran, and Pakistan, pajamas are being worn by all genders.

We started wearing pajamas since the day we born and never stopped. Pajamas are very comfortable to wear. Pajamas can be used as a comfortable nightdress but in our country, Pajamas are the traditional dress to be worn with Panjabi. The Indian Pajamas were admired by the British colonials as the perfect thing to wear while napping and perfect for any time spent asleep. When the colonials returned to Britain, the trend caught on to Europe. 

Types of Pajamas:

There are different types of Pajamas available in our country like Narrow fit, stretched, Dhuti pajama, footed pajama, churidar pajama, etc. these Pajamas are made of different fabrics. In western countries, pajamas are worn to be relaxed or for sleeping but in our country, pajamas are worn with Panjabi, kabli, etc on different special occasions. For Islamic minded people and students of the madrasah, pajama is a must. Check more Mens fashion items online in BD

Buy narrow fit white pajama online in BD:

Narrow fit pajamas are suitable for every age of man. You can use narrow fit pajama for different purposes. You can use it with Panjabi on different special occasions and it can be worn while sleeping or in a relaxed time. It can make u feel like you’re at home at every place. narrow fit white pajamas are so sensitive that you have to wash it in cold water, use mild detergent, dry in shade, do not bleach. narrow fit white pajama’s soft premium cotton is regular fit and nicely stitched. If you are looking for buying a narrow fit pajama, visit ajkerdeal and order now at the best price.

Stretched white pajama price in BD:

Stretched pajamas are so comfortable to wear. The fabric is cotton. There is a zipper for more functionality. Usable for wearing with Panjabi and also with casual outfit. The waist can be elastic or can be tied. White pajamas are mostly used on religious occasions. The price of white pajamas is reasonable to buy online at

Cotton Dhuti pajama for men:

Dhuti pajamas are so famous to the young male. Dhuti pajamas are designed in such a way that it looks like Dhuti that is an ancient traditional dress in our continent. Fashionable cotton dhuti pajamas are made of soft premium cotton and nicely stretched. Dhuti pajamas look so gorgeous while be worn with Panjabi.

Men’s  non-stretched pajama price in BD:

non-stretched pajamas are suitable to use in casual outfit. You can use it everywhere.Product Type:Stitch PajamaEid CollectionFabric: 95% Cotton,5% Spandex.Style: Narrow Fit.Pocket:Back pocket and side pocket.Type: Front fly zipper and side pocket back pocket zipper. Gender: MenProduction Country: Bangladesh100% Export Quality.Color: White(As Given Picture)Size: M=40, L=42, XL=44M-(40) :Length=36"L-(42) :Length=38"XL-(44) :Length=40".

Men’s  non-stretched pajama price in BD is reasonable to buy online at

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