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Trousers are a form of clothing which covers from waist to ankle. It might have originated in the middle of Asia. it covers both legs separately. Shorts are similar to trousers. But they are shortened up to knee. The oldest recognized trousers were found in China and it was dated to the 10th century BC. it has become the most worn lower body clothing in the modern days for adult men. It became popular in Europe as a horse riding uniform. Trousers are mostly worn on the hips or waist and helped by its fastenings or a belt. There is evidence found that the oldest trousers were found in China and it belonged to the Iranina. It was made of wool. Trousers have also be seen in the ancient artwork. Trousers were worn throughout Europe in the Middle age. In the 8th century there was evidence found that two layers of trousers were worn by the Eurpeen upper class males. Trousers have become very popular in our country nowadays. Though it was around since the late 20th century but now it is widely worn by both Bangladeshi males and females. 


You will find a wide range of trousers on You can buy trousers online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal. You can get cotton trousers with elastic waist. It will be comfortable even in the summers. Than there are men rip trousers. This stylish trousers are made with a thicker clothes. It will be a great wear to be worn in the winters especially when you are jogging. Then there are sleeping trousers. These trousers are made with this cotton clothes and the fabric is very soft. This is a perfect wear for you when you are sleeping. Then there are trouser pants for panjabis. 


There are two types of trouser pants. One is narrow, it is also known as ‘Churidar’ in Bengali and the other one is loose. These trousers are mostly white and made of cotton clothes and are mostly worn with panjabis. There are also short trousers. These trousers are of two kinds. One is just below the knee which is mostly known as three-quarter pant and another one is above the knee. These shorts are mostly worn during the Summer or by the teenagers. Shorts are also worn as a jersey pants in some sports such as football, tennis, hockey etc. There are sweat pants. They are mostly made out of thick soft fabric and are worn in the winter. 


These are also called jogging pants or jogging trousers. On ajkerdeal you will find sports trousers. You will need a good pair of trousers if you play sports. Whatever sports you are in, you must have trousers. And if the trousers are comfortable to wear, than it is easy for you to concentrate on the game. Here you can find jersey pants of various international or domestic teams of football or cricket. You can find trousers of various well known brands in this section. You do not have to wander around for a good pair of trousers. Your best online shopping buddy ajkerdeal is with you to help you find your desired trousers. You can buy trousers online in Bangladesh with ajkerdeal.