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Lungis are one of the most comfortable wear for men in Bangladesh. They are popular among rural areas as home wear. Theyare also considered as a kind of night garments for men. Even tribal of our country also wear lungi.

They also bear the symbol of our local tradition. The wide variety of lungis are suitable for all ages people, are also available at is your one stop online shopping portal in Bangladesh to buy lungis online at the best price. We offer you the best quality mens fashionwear & accessories along with lungis online with the best crafted materials. They are normally woven from cotton and come in a variety of designs & colors. There are also printed cotton lungi at our site for you to chose.

Most of the people love to wear check or striped designed lungis as they can be wear in different cultural activities. Their varied patterns of linings and check in various colors make them very attractive to wear.

There are also solid or single colors lungis available at our site. Someone like to wear deep colors like red, blue, green, orange while others like to wear faded colors like white, sky blue etc.
As the climate of our country is very hot, Lungi makes the perfect garments for all.There are also stitched lungi and unstitched lungi is available at our site. Lungis are one of the most popular garments for men. Buy lungi from to get lungis at the most reasonable price within your budget.