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Buy Single color Fotuah at the best price online in Bangladesh

Fotuah as a comfortable summer clothing has been around for a long time. At one time Fatua was regarded as a domestic garment. But since fashion has begun to prevail in style as well as comfort, since then, in the fashion world, fotuah has been taken. In the past, only men wore fatwas. But now women are wearing it along with men!



Although fotuah is a casual garment, it has the advantage of being adapted to the workplace or office. There is no specific age limit for wearing this dress. From baby to old - anyone can wear a fotuah. However, in the case of girls, adolescents and young people usually wear fotuah. In the case of boys, many of the elderly wear fatwa. 

There is no binding on the fabric of the fatwa. Just like a simple cotton cloth can be made of fotuah, it can also be made with fine silk cloth!

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Fotuahs made of loom is very famous in our country for its absolute comfort while worn. Rangamati’s Fully Desi also has a nice, comfortable designed fotuah made of perfect knit.

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Pathani kurta is another famous and traditional outfit for men in our sub-continent. Pathani kurta is worn on traditional occasions. Are you searching for a Pathani kurta online at the best price? Visit the largest online marketplace in BD, and order your favorite Pathani kurta online.


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