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Buy Online Half Sleeve Fotua at Best Price - New Design

Fotua is so cozy and fashionable wear for all types of men, kids, and women. has a huge range of fotuas on their websites. has 200k top branded collections. As the climate of our country is very hot, Half-sleeve fotuas are popular for the summer season while full-sleeve fotuas are popular for winter or another season. Buy online New design half sleeve fotua at best price in Bangladesh & get home delivery all over BD. 

Fotuas is made with soft cotton, khaddar, and taant. On the basis of the neck,  they are various types like hi-neck, v-neck, round neck design. A round collar-less neck keeps your chest cool. They can be different on the basis of design, pattern, embroidery, and paint. Mainly fotuas colors are plain color but among them, white color is best. 

Fotua is also popular in Pohela Boishak and Eid. In Pohela Boishak men’s and kids normally wear block printed fotua. In Pohela Boishak fotua give the best Bangali look. 

As fotua is most popular in summer designers innovate fotua as summer collection. Generally, Men wear fotua as casual wearing that can be easily paired up with jeans pants and lungi. With fotua sneakers will look good. Women wear fotua with salwar or pants. 

There are full-sleeve fotua, three-quarter sleeve, half-sleeve fotuas available at have various sizes of fotua for your comfortable fit. Along with fotuas, it is also called katua(locally). Our all products are high-quality products and we are selling at a cheap price.  

Local fashion houses are bringing Fatua for everyone. We have some branded fotua like Arong, Dorjibari, Aranya, yellow, Grameen cheek and Key kraft. 

Gents Half Sleeve Casual Katua

This half sleeve casual katua is made with Indian mixed cotton(Fatua is 97% cotton and 3% mixed). The design is so stylish that it can attract anyone. Those sizes are available like M-Chest 32 inch, Length 34 inch, L-Chest 36 inch, Length 38 inch and XL-Chest 42 inch, Length 40. You can wear this one as formal wear or casual wear. Wash with silicon softner.

Khoddor Men’s Fotua

The fabric of Katua is made with Commilla’s khoddor and nicely printed. It’s very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The Fatua has 3 available sizes: M-Chest 32 inch, Length 34 inch, L-Chest 36 inch, Length 38 inch and lastly XL-Chest 42 inch, Length 40. Wear this one as a formal attire or casual attire.  


Half Sleeve Remi Cotton Katua

This product is made with 100% cotton(Remi rayon). For long-time use silicon softner. This one is so stylish and comfortable to wear. M, L and XL size is available. Measurement for  M (Length 29”, Chest 20”); L (Length 30”, Chest 21”); XL (Length 31”, Chest 22”).

Casual Cotton Half Sleeve Fotua

Wear this beautiful colorful dress with jeans pants and sneakers, it will bring the most elegant look in the crowd. We have those measurements M-Chest 32 inch, Length 34 inch, L-Chest 36 inch, Length 38 inch and lastly XL-Chest 42 inch, Length foe casual wear in summer seasons. is a renowned brand in Bangladesh with a promise of fast, safe and easy online shopping experience. We have top 200k branded items nd 5000 top sellers. The brands working with  are not only serving top class products but also are dedicated to acquiring customer satisfaction. Our most priority is the customer. 

So as soon as you visit and place your order before stock out. We have Bikash, credit card and cash on a delivery system. After placing your order your items will reach your door within a few days. 


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