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Buy Full Sleeve Fatua online in Bangladesh

Fatua can be an ideal choice to wear comfortably in extreme heat. Keeping in mind the warmth of the heat, local shops have brought different Fatuas to the market. You can buy a Fatua which is full of color and with design variety. Extreme summer days can be beaten by wearing Fatua. However, a number of fashion houses have brought Futunji to market with a combination of Fatua and Punjabi. You can also choose this for yourself.

Fatua is Comfortable in Summer Days

In Summer, extreme heat burns outside. Sweating is heavily felt. Wet clothes are causing awkward situations when. On such days, there is no option of wearing thick clothes. Even in thin T-shirts, the heat is felt intense. Fashion-conscious people are very worried about this. To remove their tension, Fatua is the best option.

Various Types and Variations of Fatua

First of all, these two issues have gained importance in the introduction of new fatwas in the market. Domestic fashion houses are bringing more designs than ever before. The use of prints and embroiderers has come to prominence when it comes to design. And in the case of cloth, cotton was chosen. In addition to the color selection, bright colors have gained prominence.

Desi fashion houses have chosen thin cotton as a fabric for Fatua. It will get relief from the pain of the heat, so will the great comfort. And in the field of color naturally bright color has gained importance. Although there are no major changes, the variety of colors used to meet the needs of amateurs.

Besides Fatua, Punjabis have special needs for young people. Every year during the hot season, designers research new designs for Fatuas and try to bring innovation. It is in this attempt to bring about innovation that Fatua and Punjabi’s special styles have been created together. The name of this new innovation is calling ‘Fatunji’. This garment has been gaining good popularity for the last two to three seasons. There is also a newly named garment called ‘Katua’ available in AjkerDeal.

Local fashion houses are bringing Fatua for everyone, young and young. Aged and elderly people will not be deprived of the comfort of Fatua. Popular designs for young people also have always been there.

There have been brought some seriousness to the Fatuas of the elderly. So that it can be adapted with age. In this case, additional attention has been paid to print and embroidery. The use of color is highlighted most prominently in children and young women.

Full Sleeve Fatuas In AjkerDeal

Some Full Sleeve Fatuas That Are Available In AjkerDeal:

Men’s Full Sleeve Katua

The fabric of the Fatua is 97% cotton and 3% mixed. The design is so stylish and has a standard quality.

The Fatua has 3 available sizes:

M-Chest 32 inch, Length 34 inch, L-Chest 36 inch, Length 38 inch and XL-Chest 42 inch, Length 40.

Gents Taant Cotton Fatua

Fantastic, comfortable designer Futua made with perfect knit with full yarn. The Fatua is made in Rangamati. 3 sizes are available: Length 26, 28 and 30 inches.

Men’s Red Printed Cotton Katua

The fabric of Katua is made of full cotton and nicely printed. It’s very comfortable to wear and looks stylish.

The Fatua has 3 available sizes:

M-Chest 32 inch, Length 34 inch, L-Chest 36 inch, Length 38 inch and lastly XL-Chest 42 inch, Length 40.

Exclusive Full Sleeve Casual Fatua

This Fatua has an exclusive design with pockets on the front. The fabric is made of full cotton. Sizes are available: M - (Chest - 38, Length - 28), L - (Chest - 40 , Length - 29), and XL - (Chest - 43 , Length - 30).

Where Fatuas Can Be Found

Your best market for buying Fatuas can be Aziz Super Market. Apart from this, you will find Bashundhara City, Jamuna Future Park, New Market, and almost all other markets. In addition, you can visit any branch of any local fashion house to buy a Fatua. 

Buy Fatuas From AjkerDeal

Online shopping has become the most popular nowadays. You can buy Fatuas easily from home Buy clicking AjkerDeal with a huge discount. So start shopping now. The full sleeve Fatua and Katuas are available at the Fatua collection in Men’s shopping category.


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