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Buy Fotua at Best Price for Men - Fotua Design for Boy

Fotua is a comfortable gents wear for all the people of Bangladesh. They can even be worn by people of all ages. provides a wide range of fotuas & katuas for your comfortable shopping. New Fotua Design for Boy is available. Buy Fotua for men at Best Price in Bangladesh & get home delivery all over the BD.

Fotua’s Use

Fatua is a good option to wear in the hot summer days. Keeping in mind the warmth of the heat, local shops have brought different types of fotuas for all aged people. A fotua can be bought which contains a lot of colors and with variety in the design. By wearing a fotua, summer days can be beaten easily. Moreover, a number of our local fashion houses have brought ‘Fotunji’ to the market. It is a combination of fotua and Punjabi. It is also a good option for beating the summer.

Generally, people wear fotua as casual wearing that can be easily paired up with jeans. Using extra soft cotton, our wide range of fotuas brings together quality and style into one simple piece.

The Fotua Eases the Heat

Fotua has become popular as comfortable, and cool clothing from the past. Once upon a time, fotua was regarded as a domestic garment. But since both fashion and comfort have come to prominence in fashion, various experiments have been started on fotua. Previously, only men wore fotuas. But now both men and women are wearing the fotua on the floor. As fotua is a casual garment, it has the advantage of being easily worn in the workplace or office. There is no specific age limit for wearing this dress, so anyone can wear a fotua-from a baby to an adult anybody can wear. There is no binding on the fabric of the fotua. Just as cotton can be made with ordinary cotton cloth, it can also be made with a silk cloth.

Fotua For Different Aged People

There are variations in fotua designs for young people. Different bright colors will suit them. If you wear thin cotton yarn, you will get relief from the pain of heat, as well as you will be fine this summer.

In our country, older people used to wear fotuas once. Fotua’s style was not the same then. Elders used to wear cotton fotua with fat hoods. In the past, fotua was a very simple and plain cloth, round neck, pocket down. That old fotua has now become to fit the current fashion.

In the fotua of the elderly, their age is given importance. So that the fotua can be adapted with their age. Extra attention has also been paid to print and embroidery in this regard.

Fotua for Different Shape of Age

For those whose health is good, a longer fotua can be chosen. Moreover, slightly spread out and the two sides cut will fit in with their physical structure. On the other hand, for those who are less healthy, it is better to wear no-cut and spread fotuas.

Those who are fat, they can wear different printed fotuas. By this, their shape can be hidden. On the other hand, they can wear single-colored or normal and simple fotua. 

Some Beautiful Fotuas From

Menz Cotton Fotua

The code of this fotua is F02. It is a brand quality product, and it is made of 100% cotton.

Available sizes-

M: Length - 29 inch, Chest - 38 inches, 

L: Length - 30 inch, Chest - 40 inch, 

XL: Length - 31 inch, Chest - 43 inch.

Khoddor Men’s Fotua

The fotua is made of 100% cotton cloth. It is made by Adi Khaddar of Comilla. This fotua will give quite a comfort when it is hot. Size available- 28, 30, and 32 inches. The fotua is an introduction to the aristocracy, comfortable and modern.

They also come with many stylish designs. There are also various designs on neck including hi-neck, v-neck, round neck design. There is also fine embroidery work on neck and collar. A round collar-less neck keeps your chest cool.

There are also full-sleeve fotua, three-quarter sleeve, half-sleeve fotuas available at our site. As the climate of our country is very hot, Half-sleeve fotuas are popular for the summer season while full-sleeve fotuas are popular for winter or another season.

They are available in various colors. We have categorized them into single & multi-color for you to pick the right color. The white-cotton goes with everything, so you can mix and match the pieces with other things in your wardrobe. There are various designs also include checked or striped designs.

They are also made from pure cotton material. We also provide various sizes for your comfortable fit. Exclusive collections of men’s fashionwear like fotuas, t-shirts, pants, etc. are now available online within your budget. provides all types of gent’s outfits and other accessories at the most reasonable price. Browse through to get all the great deals and discount offers.