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From the beginning of mankind up to this date, illness and diseases have there with us. In the beginning, the death rate by illness was so massive, that people used to die with just a minor cold or fever. Mankind was so helpless that they took this death as their faith. Then came the age of worship. At that age, people used to think that illness is caused by some sort of demonic possession and they started trying to treat those illnesses with various kinds of rituals. Those rituals involved various kinds of spells, use of stone, sacrificing animals and various kinds of plants. While doing these rituals, some of the civilization figured out that certain kinds of plants are useful for treating certain illnesses. The ancient Mesopotamians are one of the first to figure this out. Then they started to do the treatments with both, magical spells and medicine made out of those plants. Early China, Egypt, India, Mesopotamia were some of the nations who were able to prepare effective medicines.

Ancient Egypt was considered as the best and most successful among them all. The weather in Egypt was very dry and hot. Because of that, they had a built-in immunity system in their bodies. The Egyptians were the most advanced in science and technology of that time. Though all of their medicines were related to something supernatural. 

India is the birthplace of Ayurvedic or Herbal medicine. One of the oldest texts found in India that talks about medicine and cure is the Atharvaveda, which is also considered as one of the religious books of Hinduism. It talks about herbs and their uses for certain illnesses.

The birth of modern medicine and treatment came from Islamic medical science. The Arabs were influenced by the Indians, Persians, Greeks, Roman and the Egyptians. They modified and continued their research with their own point of view. The Arabs contributed in modern anatomy, ophthalmology, pharmacology, pharmacy, physiology, surgery, and the pharmaceutical sciences.

In this age of modern science and technology, almost every illness has a cure and medicine. But sometimes some medicines are not available around you. But with ajkerdeal now you can order medicines online in Bangladesh.


While doing daily works in the kitchen or garage or office, we sometimes have small cuts and bleeding. To stop the bleeding and cover the wound we need a band aid. The band-aid is a small masking tape made with clothes that has a little antiseptic on it. With this, you can cover your wound and be safe. Now you can order band-aid online in Bangladesh with ajkerdeal.


Thermometers are used to identify the temperature of a person or place or object. In our daily life, it is an important device. You can find various thermometers in ajkerdeal. The normal mercury thermometer, alcohol thermometer, digital thermometer, and room thermometer. You can now buy a thermometer online in Bangladesh.

Blood Pressure Machine:

Disbalance of blood pressure is a very common illness in our country these days. It is not a severe illness if it can be kept in control, but if it goes up or comes very low than you might be in a place of bother. To keep the blood pressure in control you always should track it. To track the pressure, you just need a bp machine. There are two types of blood pressure machines. The old pressure machine and the new digital blood pressure machine. Now you can get a blood pressure machine online and you also will know the price of blood pressure machine in Bangladesh.

Diabetic Care Product:

Diableries is another common yet deadly if not taken care of diseases in Bangladesh. It can happen to people of any age. To avoid any attack of diabetics, you need to keep your sugar level under a certain point. To do this, you must have a track record of your blood. Now you can check it by yourself. Ajkerdeal is giving you the opportunity to buy diabetes checking the machine in Bangladesh. Not only the machine, you also can find the zero-calorie sugar and sugar-free sweetener which are also important for a diabetes patient.

Bodybuilding and Diet Supplements:

Bodybuilding is a great attraction for the young people of this age. There are a lot of gyms in Bangladesh. To build a healthy and in shape body they suggest having some protein supplements that help to grow the muscles of the body. You can now find all kinds of protein supplements online in Bangladesh in ajkerdeal.

Other Healthcare Products:

There are some other healthcare products that people prefer to buy online rather than going to a medical store. Such as sanitary napkins. It is a female hygiene product that keeps them clean and dry during the period. Now you can buy sanitary napkins online in BD without going to any medical store. Another such product is condoms. Condoms are the most used and most popular form of birth control around the world. Not only birth control, but it also prevents any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. And people often feel shy or embarrassed to buy such things physically. So, ajkerdeal is giving you the option to buy condoms online in bd with protecting your privacy. Besides these, there are some other products that you can buy online from us. Such as, adult diaper, organic items, herbal products, birth control pills and more.

To stay healthy and clean and to stay away from illness you might need some healthcare products. And you can buy healthcare products online from