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A belt is an adjustable band or strap, typically constructed of leather or heavy cloth and worn around the waist, that is normally of less circumference than the hips below. Belts are used to obtain or hold up clothing, like trousers or other things of clothing, in a manner comparable to suspenders and garters. Some trousers appear with belt loops around the waist, which the belt passes through. Belts can have multiple uses, but they are usually used as a fashion accessory, among many colors, styles, and finishes. In the heavy metal subculture, bullet belts and studded belts are worn. Pouches to carry things such as coin purses, holsters, scabbards, inrōs, etc. have been joined to belts in lieu of pockets.


Belts are often secured including various types of metal buckles, which differ from simple one-color finishes to elaborately decorated belt plates including embossed or bas-relief images or colorful logos. While belts can be adapted to accommodate the circumference of a person's waist, due to the difference in waist sizes, belts are traded in different lengths. Belts are commonly designed for men's or women's fashion use, although some casual belts are unisex. Due to the size constraints of belt loops, any belt designed for usage with belt loops cannot be over wide. For women's belts designed to be used over a dress, however, belts can be broader, including various wide belts called "waist cinchers" overlapping including corsets in their look and function.


Fashion and formality


Belts have changed from a strictly utilitarian item to a fashion accessory in today's modern period. There are several unspoken rules for belts when it proceeds to belt shape and color, particularly for men wearing suits, vs. a woman's choice of the belt that is rooted in fashion drift, and not out constantly out of necessity.




Belts for formal dress pants/attire are ordinarily 28–32 mm wide. These belts offer specialty emphases such as trapunto straps, beveled edges, fine stitch gauge, and a tapered tip. The leather, if it is constructed of leather, is generally in a semi or high-shine finish among a tight grain, and a smooth leather backing. Dress belts typically have a clamp in a polished metal finish. While wearing a formal belt, the color of your belt and shoes should match, and the elements of the buckle and accessories should match.



Casual belts usually worn among denim are usually between 35 mm and 42 mm broad. These are typically manufactured out of a one-piece leather construction including a textured appearance, including a belt buckle in an antiqued surface, wider, thicker stitching, or bar-tacking, to assure a strong construction. 




Belts are generally constructed from cowhide leather. Full-grain leather is the best quality cowhide leather available, and is suggested for its longevity even by daily use. Calfskin is the soft and supple, creating a full-grain calfskin belt one of the tremendous qualities available.

Belts are more available in a variety of other materials, including braided leather, tooled leather, suede, leather-backed ribbon, canvas, webbing, rope, vinyl, and others.


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