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A safe way to ensure the health of everyone who works in an office or school-going kids is to eat a healthy lunch made at home. So if lunch is carried from home, it is possible to maintain good health. And for this, you need a lunch box and a lunch bag. If you want to get beautifully designed lunch boxes and lunch bags online, visit today.

Scroll through the variety of lunch boxes and hot boxes available on and pick one suitable for your needs. We are excited to introduce some of the finest lunch boxes that you can check out.

The lunch box is a widely used product in our day to day life. From the student life to the corporate world Lunch box is a very commonly used product. As we need to carry our food with us on the go we all look for a good quality lunch box. As we need this product every day we give focus on buying on them also. Now you can easily keep your food hot & cold and happily carry home-cooked meals to work or school with our multi-functional electric lunch box. Most of our lunch boxes are made from environmental-friendly materials, heat resistant, manual switch control, etc.

In addition to good quality lunch boxes, we also have beautiful and attractive designed lunch bags. These are made of jute and cloth. These lunch bags fit nicely with your personality and help you to carry the lunch safely.

Some Lunch Box And Lunch Bags That Are Available at AjkerDeal

Electric Lunch Box

An electric connection can be provided with this lunch box. As a result, even if the food in the box gets cold, it can be reheated easily by charging. As a result, there is no risk of food spoilage. This electric lunch box is ideal for heating anytime, be it summer or winter. It is available in different colors.

Hamburger Shaped Food Storage Box With Double Layer

The box is shaped like a hamburger. It is a 100% brand new and high-quality product. It is made of food-grade plastic material, healthy and eco-friendly. This box is good for office workers, students, travel, etc. It is made of food-grade plastic. Its size is 11.5 x 11.5 x 7 cm and its capacity is 800ml.

Diamond Homeware Mini Tiffin Box

This box has a steel pot with a plastic body. Its brand is Diamond Homeware. Its capacity is 600 ml. It can keep the food warm for 8 to 10 hours. 

Striped Lunch Bag

Take fresh food to the university, school, office, or picnic, or travel with this stylish lunch bag. The lunch bag is very fashionable and unique. It is insulated with EPE aluminum foam lining. The bag is lightweight and very easy to carry. It is 100% non-toxic and also BPA free. Its color is cream with a striped design. The bag is waterproof and damp proof. Features- compact size, easy to wash, sturdy, and durable.

Rectangle Stainless Steel Food Container

The material of this food container is the inner part- stainless steel,

and the outer shell- PP material. Colors available- pink, green, blue. It can contain food up to 1.1 liters.Its size is 19 x 14.5 x 6 cm. 100% brand new and high-quality food container. It has an airproof lid that keeps food hot for a long time. Features- leak-proof and airtight, food safety assured, highly durable, easy to clean. 

We offer you a colorful range of casserole set, which let you cook and serve in style. These casseroles are capable of retaining heat for longer time. Our Thermo containers are made with durable stainless steel interior and exterior to withstand the demands of everyday use.

Our range of lunch boxes is attractive, stylish, portable, and durable. They are also available in multiple hues and trendy designs. Most of our lunch boxes and hot boxes are made of stainless steel, plastic, polypropylene etc. They are capable to keep food warm from 4 to 6 hours. It is important because we leave our home early in the morning and take our lunch several hours later. If we dont find a good quality lunch box or hot box it is very difficult to keep the food in good shape to eat at lunch.

If you are thinking of buying a lunch box and hot box from online, choose us for the best quality products at a reasonable price. AjkerDeal offers a wide range of kitchen and dining appliances. Anyone can easily find any type of product they need in theri kitchen with just a few click away. Browse through the category to find your desired product. Thanks for shopping with us.