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Gas Burner & Stove at Cheap in Bangladesh

One of the main tools in a kitchen is a gas stove. In general, gas stoves are more commonly used in our country than clay stoves. Because using a soil-made stove is very troublesome and it produces a lot of soot. So considering all aspects, using a gas stove is easy and comfortable also.

A gas stove is one of the main kitchen appliances for the kitchen. To find all types of gas burners, stoves at affordable prices online, serves you the best. Both amateur and professional cooks love to cook with natural gas. Have a look at our magic gas-saving net to save gas, are durable, and easy to use.

In the kitchen Gas burner & stove is the most used product. without this, the cooking was not even possible. The invention of a gas burner is the most important thing in our daily life. We all need to eat food, for that we have to cook our food and without gas burner how are we able to cook food. 

Our gas stoves are designed to suit your cooking needs, made to suit your busy schedule. Basically, there are two or three burners that are made of brass which can be used for multitasking in the kitchen. They also feature unique pan supports to help you comfortably place vessels in it. We also provide autogas stove for instantaneous and trouble-free operation.

Gas stoves of different designs are available in the market from home and abroad. Stoves made of glass, tin, marble stone, iron, and steel are available in the market. These stoves include branded and non-branded stoves. Among the domestic companies, stoves of RFL, Vision, Asha, Universal, Walton, Miyako, Quantum, Comet, Nikko, etc. are available. And among the foreign companies are foreign stoves of other brands including Akai, Osaka, Ariston, Mymengium, LG, Disney, JCL, and many more are available.

Gas Stoves Available In AjkerDeal

Walton WGS-AT299 Gas Stove For LPG

This is a unique tempered glass top gas stove. Its feature is its low gas consumption facility. Its rated hits are 3.8 (KW) + 3.8 (KW). This gas stove is proudly made in Bangladesh.

Tempered Glas Gas Burner

This stove has a double burner gas stove. It can save up to 35% gas and it has an auto-ignition system. Its weight is about 10 kg. 

Gas Leak Detector Alarm

This device will detect any amount of gas leakage and sound an alarm to warn. As the amount of gas leakage increases, the noise of the device’s alarm will also increase. The service warranty period for each device is 2 years. To make it work only has to do is connecting the device to a powerpoint. The device can be conveniently placed in any kitchen at any time.

Walton WGS-AT100 Single Burner Gas Stove

The gas stove is only available for LPG. It ensures the burner and igniter adjustment for the blue flame. The single stove is proudly made in Bangladesh. 

Magic Gas Saving Net

Having a magic gas-saving net is no longer a concern about gas. Although the gas pressure is low, it absorbs heat and helps keep the temperature constant. Even if there is less gas, it will be cooked in 14 percent less time. This will increase the heat pressure of the stove 33 percent and as a result, the temperature will increase by 38 percent. This net saves gas from the cylinder.

When you place this magic net on your gas stove or cylinder stove, its wires will turn red like electric heaters, raising the temperature so that you can cook easily although less gas pressure. Using it can speed up cooking and save you time.

The magic net is made of Nicrom 65%, Silver 19%, Transtrant 16%, Chromium 0.08%, and Platinum 0.001%.

Follow the instructions on the back of the packet. The grooved part will be at the top.

Cooking with the best quality gas burners can make a big difference in everyone’s kitchen. offers you a gas stove with single or multi-burners. Our kitchen gas lighters are made of stainless steel which is easy and convenient to use. Gas stove stabilizers are ideal for putting on the base of your gas canister to keep it stable and to prevent it from moving about. provides you all the smart features for your kitchen, so you can choose the best one for you. We only provide original products; so you do not need to worry before buying any product from us. We always ensure the quality for you. Besides we offer home delivery. Browse throughout category section to find out what type of product you need; when you are done finding your product you just need to press the order button and the product will be in your doorstep. Keep shopping with AjkerDeal, your one and only trusted marketplace online.