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Buy Qurbani Eid Accessories Online in BD:

Eid-Ul-Adha also known as Eid Qurban is the second of the two muslim festivals celebrated around the world in muslim community. It is considered to be the holiest of the two. Eid-Ul-Adha means the Festival of Sacrifice. Here muslim people sacrifices an animal in the name of almighty god with rituals and devide it into three parts. One for the needy people, one for relatives and one part is for home. The history of this festival began from prophet Ibrahim. One of the great trials of prophet Ibrahim’s life was, when he saw in dreams that he is slaughtering the throat of his own son. He saw the dreams for three days in a row and realised that it was indeed a command of almighty god. So he said his son Ishmael about that commandment and Ismael said to his father that he should do what he has been commanded and he will find his son patient if god wills. The devil tried to deceive them and wanted to keep them away from god's commandment but they were not deceived and prophet Ibrahim threw a stone at him. Symbolizing their rejection of the devil's decisiveness up to this date people throw stones at devil in the same place as a ritual of Hajj. However, prophet Ibrahim took his son to mount Arafat and attempted to cut Ishmael’s throat. But he was amazed to see that his son was unharmed and was smiling standing next to him and a lamb was slaughtered instead of him. So, muslims around the world perform the same ritual and slaughter a four-footed animal on the 10th of the month of Zilhajj.

The festival is celebrated greatly in Bangladesh as well. The festival begins two to three days before the actual date. People buys animals and take care of the animal. They get prepared for the festivals and sharpens their knives. It is another festival on itself. There are a lot of things that you might need to prepare for this Eid and you can buy them all on ajkerdeal.

Refrigerator & Freezer:

Refrigerator or freezers are most important thing during this eid. There is a lot of meat than usual during this 10 days period. To store this meat you must need a freezer. Sometimes if you have an old freezer than the freezer might break if it can not take the pressure. On ajkerdeal you can buy refrigerator online in Bangladesh. You will find GD freeze, chest freeze and other. There are a lot of well known brands as well. Ajkerdeal has made online shopping for freeze much easier than before. 


During this period people cook various kinds of beef or mutton items. The next 10 to 15 days of eid is full of meat items. To cook these items you must need big pots or crockeries. On ajkerdeal you will find all kinds of crockeries you might need during this period. Such as, pots, bowls, plates, cups, spice holder, trays, pressure cooker and many more. You can order them online in BD on ajkerdeal and you will get it delivered at your place within 3 working days.

Knife, Scissors & Spoon:

Knife is one of the most important things during this eid. You must have a good and sharp knife to cut the meat or else the meat will look ugly so will your dish. To give a perfect look to your meat dish you must need a good and sharp knife. On ajkerdeal you will find the best stainless steel knives at the best price in Bangladesh. With which you will able to give your cutting a good shape. Besides knife you will also find spoons, kitchen scissors, knife sharpener etc. And you can order them online.

Meat Tenderizer & Cutting Board:

During this eid period, a main food item is kebab and barbeque. As we know, beef and mutton takes more time to cook so first the meat needs to be tenderized before cooking. Tenderized meat takes less time and absorbs the spices beautifully and gives you a perfect kebab. With ajkerdeal you can buy meat tenderizer online in Bangladesh in best price. You also might need a meat grinder. The normal grinder that we use in everyday life is not as efficient as meat grinder. The meat grinders are specially made for grinding meat. So it can do it better and give you the perfect keema. You will find meat grinder and keema maker on ajkerdeal and in the best price available in Bangladesh.

Digital Hanging Scale:

Digital hanging scale is very important on the eid day. Every family who performs sacrifice needs this. So sometimes people are found to ask others for a scale. But all of them needs one so they can not give it. To divide the meat into three parts, one for the poor, one for your relatives and one for yourself, you must have a scale. But now you can easily buy a weight scale online with ajker deal. We are making your online shopping experience to be remembered.

BBQ Grill machine:

This eid is the best time for a BBQ party. And for a BBQ party you will need a BBQ stove or as most of us call it a BBQ chula. On ajkerdeal, you will find BBQ grills, electric BBQ grills, BBQ sticks at the best price in Bangladesh. Order them online now and get a BBQ grill of your own so that you do not have to look for bricks or metal nets to build a temporary grill.

Oven and Stove:

To bake foods you will need an oven of your own. After for at least a week, you will not find any shop open. So if you want to eat naan roti with your meat items or BBQ, you might not find them anywhere. so , it is better to have an oven so that you can bake your own naan. You can buy oven online with ajkerdeal. And you can find electric as well as microwave oven at the best price on ajkerdeal.