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From thousands of years, jewelries have been a source of representation for girls. From mythology to reality, from religion to fashion, from history to society the use of jewelry is knows no bound.Usually, in subcontinent areas, the identities of girls are being reflected through jewelries.

In Bangladesh, jewelries are not only a source of fashion for girls, but also it is a source of their personal depiction as well. Several types of materials are used to form a perfect piece of jewelry. The most common used materials for jewelries are alloy, rhinestone, zinc alloy, metal, crystal and others. 

Jewelry is the inevitable company of women. Women always love to decorate themselves in fashionable ornaments. AjkerDeal provides you with the opportunity to choose your coveted jewelry from the most gorgeous online collection in Bangladesh. You will find all types of exotic ornaments on our Site.

Stylish Pendant & Necklace: 

AjkerDeal offers a great collection of pendant & necklace for women. We have a huge number of light pendant as well as weighty necklaces those are of different shapes & exclusive designs. There are single piece pendant or necklace as well as those with ear rings & finger ring. You will also find a number of gold plated stuff ornamented with artificial pearl or other lucrative stones on our Pendant & Necklace section.

Fashionable Earrings & Finger rings at the Cheapest Price in Bangladesh:

It's really difficult to find a modern woman without being ornamented with Earrings & Finger ring. AjkerDeal provides a big space to lodge an all-round selection of  these jewelry. We have different types of earrings including ear cuff & ear studs. You also find a lot of finger rings on AjkerDeal those carry unique style & designs.

Bangles & Bracelets in Traditional & Modern Designs:

Our exclusively stylish bangles & bracelets could be a great attraction for you. If you love to wear these things, we are here to offer you a vast collection. We have  stylish diamond-cut bangles as well as gorgeous bracelets garnished with crystals & colorful stones.
Women also find a number of all other types of jewelry that include brooch, hair band, anklet, payel, waist chain & so on.Now, it's time to explore jewelry on AjkerDeal !


The main focuses of this online shopping site always remains on the uniqueness of the product and in different types of occasions like EID, Puja or PahelaBaishakh they redecorate their sites with various types of jewelries based on the demand of that particular program.

Jewelry set is also a popular presentation in online shopping in Bangladesh. In marriage, birthday or any other occasions, jewelries remain on the top priority list for so many people. Based on the economic condition of the Bangladeshi people, has enriched their collection of jewelries.

Now, we are the member of ‘digital world’ and through that window, we become habituated with different types of cultures and undoubtedly, the custom of any culture is hugely being reflected by the use of the jewelries. has always kept themself updated against the demand of the customers regarding custom based jewelries.