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Electric Switch, Sockets and Holders in BD


In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical element that can disconnect or connect the conducting way in an electrical hookup, preventing the electric current or redirecting it from one conductor to another. The most popular type of switch is an electromechanical device subsist of one or more sets of portable electrical contacts attached to external circuits. When a set of contacts are touching current can pass among them, while when the contacts have departed no current can flow.



AC power plugs and sockets combine electrical equipment to the alternating current (AC) power supply in constructions and at other sites. Electrical plugs and sockets contradict from one another in voltage and current rating, shape, size, and connector type. Various standard systems of plugs and sockets are utilized throughout the world.


Lamp Bulb Holder

A bulb holder is a tool that detains a bulb. The bulb holder is where the bulb consists. The bulb consists of the bulb holder, the bulb holder ‘holds’ the bulb. The bulb holder doling the electrical connection from the grant to the bulb. The metal edge of the bulb appears into contact with the equip when the bulb is twisted into the bulb holder. The electrical connections are inside the bulb holder at the head of the bulb holder. The various types of bulb holder electrical connections will ‘match’ the electrical connection on the bulb.


Variations on Design of Switch

  1. Push-button
  2. Toggle
  3. Illuminated switch
  4. Rocker
  5. Australian rocker switches
  6. Tamper-resistant
  7. Voltage class
  8. Mercury switch


Types of Socket

  • Argentina IRAM 2073 and 2071 (Type I)
  • Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3112 (Type I), used in Australasia
  • Brazilian standard NBR 14136 (Type N)
  • China GB 2099.1‐2008 and GB 1002‐2008 (Type A & I)
  • Danish Section 107-2-D1 earthed (Type K)
  • IEC 60906-1 (Type N)
  • Israel SI32 (Type H)
  • Soviet standard GOST 7396 C 1 unearthed
  • Thai 3 pin plug TIS 166-2549


Construction of Holder

The development of a lamp holder socket defines and limits its desired use. Ceramic internment can withstand substantially higher operating temperatures than bakelite or other plastics. The electrical elements and wires must be invented to carry the desired current plus a safety factor. The traffic surface space, thickness and conductivity of the metal, connection methods and highest operating temperature requirement all be thought in the design of the latest socket. Besides, mechanical factors such as the pattern of the socket, fixture mounting and attachment, lamp support, comfort of re-lamping and complete value of manufacture must be granted. Sockets invented for normal household and industrial use have much further design leeway than those used in accuracy applications.


Materials of Switch

Old tumbler switch built up of Bakelite. More advanced switches were produced of porcelain in the surface-mounted version and split as a rotary switch with a rotary mechanism. Following, further durable Bakelite and Ebonite was adopted. Today they are produced of modern plastics, like Polycarbonate or fire-resistant ABS. Some switches may also be produced from other plastics like polyamide, polypropylene or PVC but principally limited to wire mounted switches (like night lamp switches) principally due to decreased weight, and various such switches are not utilized in high power machines largely up to 2 amperes. In some cases, mainly in hospitals and other public facilities, revealed parts of light switches are manufactured of antimicrobial materials such as copper, for infection control.


Materials of Holder

The lamp holder necessity is positioned far enough from the filament that the metals with the deepest melting point will prevail solid. Historically this metal was a tin/lead solder whose melting point might be as below as 180 °C (360 °F). Due to the thermal differences from ambient temperature to complete operating temperature, the design of a socket must concede for a substantial volume of expansion and contraction. Spring components are needed to assist these dimensional changes. However, the temperature at which a metal fails its spring is far under the melting point. This is why some earlier sockets that no longer serve can be replaced by moving up the base spring slightly.


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