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Today is the day of modern civilization. We all are very busy in our tight schedule. We all go back to our home after a hard day of work throughout the day. When we go back to our home from the office or school or any other workplace we need our home to look sweet and decorative. Otherwise maybe we cannot live our life happily.

Wall Sticker Is Part Of The Home Decor!

Wall sticker is a great solution to decorate our home. We can now decorate our children’s rooms with the wall sticker and our children will grow up happily. Parents love to decorate their kids' home with colourful wall stickers. 

Home Decor WallPaper

Home decor wallpapers will be found in a Get rolled. It is usually 57 square feet. A roll can cover a 10 feet 5 feet wall. You can use wallpaper instead of wall tiles. It can save your time and money. It is also washable and duration is up to 8-10 years.

3D Cat Cartoon Sticker

3D Cat cartoon stickers brand name is elenxs. Size available in 25 * 23cm. You can use this sticker anywhere. It is washable in water (waterproof). If you want this sticker for your children's room decoration then check our site and find it at an affordable price. 

Kids Educative Wall Decor Stickers 

You can decorate your children’s home in different educational stickers as well as their playground. They can learn while playing. This will increase their mental growth as well as feel happy. 

Increasing The Beauty Through The Wall Stickers

AjkerDeal is the home of gorgeous and high quality wall stickers in Bangladesh. We have a good and beautiful collection of wall stickers to decorate our home for ourselves as well as for our children’s room. It is a nice product to decor your home very attractively. It will definitely increase the beauty of the room where you live.

Use Wall Decor Stickers For Different Rooms

You can use wall stickers for your bedroom, kitchen, and drawing room; basically anywhere you want. AjkerDeal gives you a solution to home decor product collection. You can now buy any kind of household product from online quite easily. We have the largest collection of products in the market.

Playing Monkey Wall Sticker

You can place these playing monkey wall stickers on the walls or on any smooth space. Very easy to use without damaging the walls. Made of environmentally friendly and water resistant materials that last for 3-5 years. Size available in Wide 1 "x Height."

12 PCS 3D Double Wings Butterfly Wall Stickers 

Double Wings Butterfly wall stickers are Colorful and Fashion Design. You will apply to dry, clean and smooth surfaces. It is made with film print which is not afraid of wind and rain and does not change color for a long time. You can use this at home,office,and anywhere else! 

They are a fun, easy and removable decor solution. These stickers are pre-cut and will only take you several minutes to apply on any surface - walls,doors, windows, and more. When you want to reposition the stickers.

30MM Refrigerator Magnet Crepe Diem Letter For Decoration 

It is a type of Fridge Magnet. Pattern found in a Letter. This  magnetic sticker is one type of decorating style. If you want this type of magnetic sticker for your refrigerator then visit ajkerdeal site and get a medium size of single-piece package at a suitable price. 

Star Glow Sticker 100 Pieces Of Set

Everyone loves to see the star in the sky. Children often look at the stars. So, the Star glow sticker is for kids. It absorbs light from the sun or lights during the day or at night, and continues to shine when it is dark. If you want your room decorated with star glow stickers then visit our site and get a Set of 100 Pieces stars which are the size of each: 3 cm. 

Butterfly Wall Sticker For Gifting

A wonderful gift to yourself and your friends and they love to decorate their home with these beautiful butterfly wall stickers. Butterfly wall sticker made with materials of plastic. Attractive design and easy to use. You can instantly live and decorate any room with those stickers. 8 piece sets of different sizes available on our site. 

Geometric Deer Vinyl Decals Removable Wall Sticker  

Choose your wall stickers online from and get the lowest price of wall stickers in the market. We only provide authentic products of easily removable wall stickers. So, don’t hesitate to order your products online from us.

Some Direction For Wall Decorative Stickers

Please Keep in mind that, If you need to move the stickers after they have been applied, Remove them carefully to avoid damage. The sticker can be reapplied but you need to remove it with special care and its adhesive properties might be reduced a little.

Kokopelli Dance Switch & Socket Vinyl Decals Removable Sticker 

Kokopelli Dance Switch & Socket Vinyl Decals Removable Sticker Product is suitable wall decorative stickers. This Sticker material is Matte Finish Black PVC Vinyl Film with [Application foil applied]. Size available in Height:- 8.89cm & Width:- 26cm. It is also ultraviolet(UV) Proof, waterproof, easily removable and self adhesive. 

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