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Someday among 5 and 23 million years ago tree-dwelling surpassing apes began manufacturing sleeping platforms, including wooden pillows, to develop their sleep. According to researches on chimpanzees that sleep more than eight to nine hours a night managing specifically picked ironwood pillows, unyielding pillows facilitated great apes to avoid being hunted by night predators and not squabble of the trees while asleep. This was effecting necessitated by the progression of large, energy-consuming brains. Though it may also have commanded to more extended periods of REM sleep, that in circulation progressed their cognitive dimensions. Now you can get the best quality pillow from Bangladesh’s largest online shop Ajkerdeal.


A cushion is also related to as a bolster, hassock, headrest and a sham.

Cushions and rugs can be utilized tentatively outside to soften the hard ground. They can be located on sunloungers and managed to block annoyances from moistened grass and biting beetles. Some accents of English manage this word to indicate to yield pillows as well.

The indexes of the contents of castles and large houses in the beginning. Middle Ages invariably performed specifying of them. Cushions were then frequently of magnificent size, wrapped with leather, and firm adequately to serve as a seat, but the steadfast tendency of all furniture has been to develop smaller with time. Today, the cushion is contemplated as an upholstery item. Now you can get the best quality pillow from Bangladesh’s largest online shop Ajkerdeal.

Pillow Construction and parts

Pillows consist of a filler element implanted in a fabric covering or shell. Covers are constructed of cloth, such as silk, identified as the pillowcase or pillow slip. Fascinating pillows have a fancier cover called a sham which is terminated on all surfaces and habitually has a hole in the back throughout which the pillow is located. Quadrilateral standard bed pillow containers ordinarily do not have zippers, but alternately, have one side open always. Often, a zippered pillow protector is located around standard pillows with the case, in turn, comprising the protector.

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Types of Pillow

A pillow is planned to produce support and compassion to the body and head. There are three principal types of pillows; bed pillows, orthopedic pillows and decorative pillows, with some overlapping of use among these. The proper size of a bed pillow depends on the measurement of the bed. More extensive pillows than measures are available for a queen- and king-sized beds.

The selection of a bed pillow depends to a fascinating extent upon sleeping positions: one company suggests a thinner and softer pillow for sleeping face down, medium assistance for sleeping on one's back, and a more intimate and more specific pillow for sleeping on the side.

Types of cushion fabrics

Cotton linen blend

Cotton is long-lasting, efficiently machine washed and dried and ages appropriately. Linen, which is produced from the flax plant, is tough, spongy, has a lovely natural sheen to it and enhances softer with repeated washings.


It’s a freakish and low-priced material that conforms warmth and durability, making it stronger than deserving of a spot in your home. Because it’s simply washed and dried, resistant to stretching and shrinking; polyester fabric can be detected in high-quality pillow designs suited for most interior places.


The material is remarkably soft and gets in deep, rich colors. Velvet can satisfy for decades if properly worried for — it’s durable, can be efficient machine washed, and the fabric won’t expand or hush. It befalls in plain and printed varieties, both proper for throw cushion covers.

Wool or knit

Wool too has no superimposed chemicals and is a natural flame retardant, naturally hypo-allergic and serves well in eliminating dirt mites. These traits, plus its lovely abundance and texture makes it ideal for throw cushion covers.

Faux fur

It sits flawlessly on your sofa or bed when matched with other different fabric colors and textures such as wool and velvet. We have an impressive range of faux fur cushions that are astonishingly popular. They are an excellent accent piece when matched with prints and solids.

Outdoor cotton

We have a variety of outdoor cushions constructed from 100% cotton. They are remarkably hard-wearing and durable while remaining soft comfortable – the comprehensive mix.  Outdoor cushions are unyielding to stretching, mildew, chemicals, insects, heat and moisture. They appear in bold and visually stimulating colors and patterns to provide your outdoor expanse a stylish vibrancy.