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After lots of hard work, LED light companies finally achieved their goal of producing a good replacement for the common bulb. For the consumer, the main benefits of LED lights are clear: they are energy efficient, can last for more than 20 years and, in many cases, give off good light. The price of led lights has gone down significantly. One feature of LEDs is that the light can be adjusted to the full spectrum of colors, which opens up some new possibilities. One of the biggest advantages of LEDs is the long life they promise. Some are rated at 25,000 hours, which could be 25 years depending on how much they’re used. Because led lights use less energy, it will save money over incandescent, halogens, and, because they last longer than compact florescent bulbs.

The use of flexible LED strip lights is rising in modern lighting design around the world.  People are using LED strip lights into residential, commercial, and industrial projects at an increasing rate. There are different types of LED strip light also called tape lights or ribbon lights. Decoration Lamp & Shade looks good for home decoration.

There are various types of LED lights like fairy light, stage light, ball string light, LED bulb with speaker, LED ball light, LED DJ disco light, neon light, laser party light and many more. We use Led lights in almost every occasion. Ball string lights are good solution for outdoor lighting such as your rooftop, lawn, backyard, balcony etc. There are some LED bulbs with speaker. This product is good for party people. They are getting multi colored lights with speakers as well. Neon lights, laser party lights are used to decorate in the ceremony and they are very beautiful once done decorating with.

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