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Buy TV Trolley Online at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

TV trolley also referred to as TV stand, it is used to hold the television above the floor at a comfortable viewing height and other artifacts on. A TV trolly should keep in the center of the room so that everyone can watch TV at ease. Normally TV trolly used in residential living rooms, most TV trollies provide additional storage options such as shelves and drawers for minimizing living room clutter.  Many people think that it’s a necessity to have a TV trolly and they don’t give much thought to buying one. People should give more thought while buying a TV trolly for their home. Something as simple as a TV trolly can make or break your room. But sometimes a small TV stand can also enhance your room charm.

If you are placing your Tv stand is in front of a window, use white curtains. Keep accessories in TV trolly in groups of 3 or 5.  Use a tray, books, or basket, a floor lantern, a plant, brass animal, and a Japanese paper fan to enhance your room charm. When you are choosing a TV stand take care of comfortable viewing height, match the TV size and width, complement the room layout. The TV stand’s best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs.  

Types of TV Trolly

In you will find different types of TV stand. Like an assortment of TV stands, corner TV stands, wooden TV stands, LCD TV stands, Folding TV stand, modern TV stands, glass TV stands, metal TV stands, TV stands with shelves, etc. 

Wooden LED TV trolley

It is a floating TV stand that is wall-mounted and doesn't take up any floor space. This TV stand is a great space-savers. It has a great advantage that you can move it around and attach it to any wall you like. Be it your living room or your bedroom, it goes well with all kinds of home interiors. You can keep your DVD player, Xbox, speakers on this TV stand. It is made with Malaysian MDF wood. Features are Height:22 inches, Width: 60 inches, Depth: 16 inches, Color: Same/ Customise, Warranty+ Guarantee: 20 years.


Folding TV Trolley

It is a foldable TV trolly.  It is made with Malaysian MDF wood and Biniar wood. It can hold LED TV or LCD TV. Size is 30x60x16 inches. Color is a natural chocolate color TV trolly. In this TV trolly, you can arrange books, a plant, a basket, a CD, etc. 

Wooden LED LCD TV Stand with Shelf

This is not only a TV stand but also has a shelf with it. On that shelf, you can store many things like books, CD players, artifacts and so on. This is a great idea for a small home. Other than your TV, you can also keep other devices, like your DVD player, Xbox, speakers, etc. It is made with Malaysian MDF wood & Gamari wood. Some features are Height: 60 inches, Width: 72 inches, Depth: 16 inches, 9 drawers, Color: lacquer. And 20 years warranty.


Malaysian MDF wood tv Trolly

This TV stand is made with real Malaysian MDF wood. It has space for like your DVD player, Xbox, speakers, books, CD players, artifacts. You can also hang this TV stand on the wall you like. You can furnish this TV stand in your living room or your bedroom, it goes well with all kinds of home interiors and all types of room colors. Some features are Height:20 inches, Width: 60 inches, Depth: 16 inches, 3 drawers, Color: Lacquer spray, Same/ Customize, Materials: Malaysian MDF wood and Warranty+ Guarantee:30 years. 

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