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Doors: Wooden Doors, Steel & Plastic Doors at Best Price in Bangladesh

A door is a joined or otherwise transferable barrier that grants ingress and egress into an "enclosure". The opening in the wall can be related to a "portal". A door's fundamental and primary objective is to equip security by controlling the entrance to the portal. Conventionally, it is a panel that consists of the portal of a building, room, or vehicle. Doors are usually produced of a material suited to the task of which it is to serve. Doors are generally attached by straps within the door but can be moved by other means such as slides or counterbalancing.

The door may be moved in different ways to enable or prevent ingress or egress. In most matters, a door's interior matches its surface side. But in other cases, the two sides are completely different. You can buy doors from the largest online store in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal. Here you can find various designs, different sizes, and materials doors.

A door is an entrance barrier that is implemented in a wall opening to provide access to the inside of a room of a building. The interior portions of a house are combined by doors.

Why is a wooden door popular?

Whenever we hear “Wooden Door” a general conception comes instantly in our mind that it is something luxurious. A wooden door can be a thing of luxury, it is true, but it is potentially used for safety and beauty. Doors are primarily used for safety, though some doors inside our home are used just for maintaining privacy. A single door can save your most valuable things inside your home and sometimes your own life also. A wooden door is more popular than a metal door in their house. It is stronger than any other type of door. They look gorgeous and luxurious than any other type of door. 

Your building may look fabulous and aristocratic, but if you fail to choose a proper door for your home, then your home may not look that much aristocratic because the first impression is said to be the last impression. When a guest enters your home notices a beautiful door, they will surely appreciate that. The metal door makes a lot of sounds whenever you open or closes that but wooden doors make no sound whatsoever. Also, a metal door becomes old very soon, and it damages if it constantly comes in touch with water. The wooden door’s color may damage a little with the passage of time but a simple polish can instantly regain its new glow. 


Types of Doors Used in Building Construction

Types of Doors based on Placing of Components

Based on the organization of door components, the doors are divided as follows,

1. Battened and Ledged Doors

  • Battens are vertical bonds that are holding trenches are connected collectively by horizontal supports.

  • This kind of battened and ledged door fits for small openings.

2. Battened, Ledged, and Braced Doors

  • To obtain more rigid, braces are equipped cornerwise in appreciation to battens and ledges as shown in the figure.

  • Braces are ought to 100-150mm in width and 25-30mm in thickness is superior.

3. Battened, Ledged, and Framed Doors

  • For the easy battened and ledged door, the framework is given in the form of two verticals, identified as stiles.

  • Stiles are commonly 100mm wide and as far as thickness is treated, the thickness of stile should be equal to the combined thickness of ledge and batten. Rather 40 mm.

4. Battened, Ledged, Braced, and Framed Doors

  • In this model, the door proceeded up of battens, ledges, stiles, and braces. So, it is further rigid.

  • The braces are attached corner ways between the ledges, at approximately 40mm from the stiles.

Types of Doors based on Method of Construction:

Based on the purpose of planning, the doors are repeatedly categorized into 5 types and they are:

1. Framed and Panelled Doors

  • These are very powerful and will provide good features when associated with battened doors. These are the extensively used doors in virtually every type of buildings.

  • Stiles, vertical members and rails, horizontal members have grooved onward the inside edges of the frame to take the panels.

2. Glazed Doors

  • Glazed doors are usually afforded in interior wall openings or in hospitals, colleges, etc.

  • The interior of the room is apparent through glazed doors and light also crosses within the glazed portion of the door.

3. Flush Doors

In flush doors, a solid or semi-solid or core portion is overlaid on both sides with plywood or face surface. Nowadays these kinds of doors are broadly used because of their great appearance, economy, the comfort of construction, and greater durability.

4. Louvered Doors

  • The louvers authorize natural breeze when the door is locked and also grant privacy in the room.

  • These are commonly used for bathrooms of residential and public buildings.

5. Wire Gauged Doors

Wire gaged doors authorize natural ventilation and restrict the entrance of flies, mosquitoes, insects, etc.. These doors are generally used in hotels, restaurants, and cupboards containing eatables.

Types of Doors based on Working Operations 

The doors are listed on the base of working operations as:

1. Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are only produced in public buildings like museums, banks, libraries, etc., because of regular visitors. It consists of mullions to which four radiating shutters are attached.

2. Sliding Doors

In this model, with the guidance of runners and lead rails the door slides to the sides. The door may have one or more sliding shutters depending upon the availability.

3. Swing Doors

In this model, the shutter is connected to the border by a double-action spring which supports the shutter to move inwards as quietly as outwards.

4. Collapsible Steel Doors

Collapsible steel doors are commonly employed for workshops, sheds, warehouses, etc. It seems like a steel curtain that will be opened or closed by horizontal pull or push.

5. Rolling Steel Shutter Doors

Rolling steel shutter doors are generally applied for warehouses, garages, shops, etc. These are quite strong and extend proper safety to the property. The door consists of a frame, drum, and a shutter of tiny steel plates interlocked commonly.

Most of the houses use wooden doors. Wooden doors and heavy, safe, and looking good for their design also. Now the wooden doors are also fashionable. If you want you can choose from a variety of designs and from various types of wood. If you are thinking about buying a wooden door then visit the largest online store in Bangladesh. Here you have a chance to choose from up to thousands of collections. You can buy your chosen one door at an affordable price from Ajkerdeal.

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