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Blanket and Duvet Shopping Online for Winter in Bangladesh 

Foreign blankets, especially Chinese blankets has got the blanket’s market this year. Blankets available at the shopping centers in the capital of the country and the number of buyers are increasing day by day. The name of the new blanket brand is being heard in the vendor's mouth.

From, you can buy blankets and duvets at a much lower price than any other marketplace. To check it, you can take a peek at other online shops. Also, if you buy a blanket from’s Blanket collection, you will get free home delivery if you pay by bKash. Also, you can get return it if you find any problem after getting the product. When buying a blanket, you must see that the wool is coming up by the pull or the stitching of the lining of the blanket. If the wool comes out as a result of pulling by the hand, you should realize that the quality of the blanket is poor.

Special Care for Blankets and Duvets

Usually in winter, the demand for the blanket increases highly. As the winter is very rough and dry, dust also becomes high in the air. So the blanket becomes even dirtier at this time. Since these blankets cannot be cleaned like ordinary clothes, they have to be stored with extra care.

If proper care is taken, winter duvets and blankets can be used for many years. Since these winter blankets are not used for more than three months, they need not wash every time before we keep them inside. Instead, they can be dried well in the sun and it can be used again next year.

If there is any possibility of dying from the wool of the blanket, it should be washed with water and ritha mixture. The color of the blanket will be fine if you mix lemon juice with white blankets and the vinegar with colored blankets in the water while washing. These tips can be applied to small size blankets. However, it is not better to wash large blankets at home.

It is better to use a cover or duvet on the blanket, so the blanket is less dirt. However, if you need to wash the blanket, then shampoo in the room should be soaked in water for ten minutes and then removed. Without folding the blanket, a roll can be made and should use naphthalene in a plastic bag. Thus the blanket will be long-lasting and durable.

Here are Some Blankets that are Available in AjkerDeal

Micro Fiber Bed Blanket

This blanket is made of microfiber fabric. It’s GSM is 570. This blanket is provided with washing and finishing on an automatic machine. Size: 7 x 5 feet. It is quite soft and comfortable, it is very comfortable for use. It is non-allergic and long-lasting, very strong. It can be easily cleaned and easily carried. It has many colors, such as - red, blue, green, black, grey, orange, green, etc.

Super Soft Double Electric Blanket

The Super Soft Double Electric Blanket is made of double size. Keep it under the bedsheet and feel the heat in winter. This blanket is ideal for Heat Therapy. It lowers the electric bill.

Ajkerdeal is the place where Chinese, Japanese and Korean blankets along with the local blankets are available. Chinese double blankets are priced at Tk 2,200-5,000. Japanese blankets cost 3000 to 4000tk, the Korean blanket price is 4000tk to 10000tk.

The price of a single blanket is between Tk 2,000 and Tk 4,000. Children's blankets are available from 600 to 1500tk. China's blankets are among the most sought after blankets. Although the price is relatively poor, the price is low due to the excess demand.