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Cleanliness is staying away from dust, germs, dust, trash or filth. Being clean is very important to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Cleanliness is very important not one personal cleanliness but also cleanliness of one's surroundings. Which means, your house, your toilet, your front or back yard. If your surroundings are not clean, no matter how clean you keep yourself, diseases will be able to attack you. If you keep your house unclean, you can get dust allergy, if you have kids at home they might catch stomach upset. Unclean house also carries a ton of germs. Germs of many dangerous diseases. So it is very important to keep your house clean. If your front or back yard is not clean, very dangerous diseases can spread. Unclean yards can give birth to dangerous bugs, mosquitoes and others. Diseases like Malaria, Dengue can be spread via these mosquitoes. So, to stay healthy and fit you must keep your surroundings clean. Cleaning surroundings is not very difficult if you have some tools or products with you. To help you with your home cleaning, ajkerdeal is here with best home cleaning product collection for online shopping in Bangladesh.

Air Freshener:

Air freshener is an aromatic spray that keeps the air fresh. If there is any kind of unwanted smell in your room that is bothering you, you can spray an air freshener and it will remove the smell and will give the air a smooth freshness that will make you feel comfortable. With ajkerdeal you can buy an air freshener online in Bangladesh easily. There is a lot of collection of different fragrances and brands from which you can choose your desired freshener. There is lemon, rose, Arabic, anti-tobacco and many more. 

Dish Detergent:

Detergent is a kind of soap that is mainly used to wash the fabric. It has a high chemical content that is designed for cleaning the cloth very neatly. But people of our country uses this fabric detergent to wash their dishes, which is very harmful. If the detergent from the dishes are not cleaned properly it can enter our stomach with our food which we definitely do not want. But there is a different detergent for washing dishes, that has a low chemical content and is specially made for dishes. So you should avoid the risk by using dish detergent for dishes and fabric detergent for washing fabric. You can now buy dish soap in Bangladesh easily from ajkerdeal.

Toilet and Floor Cleaner:

A toilet is the most important place which we must keep clean no matter what happens. If the toilet is not clean than a person or even the whole family can be affected by diseases without even knowing. Toilet is the place of the house where germs are most likely to attack you. There are some toilet cleaning products by using them you can get rid of most of the germs in your toilet. There are some toilet cleaning liquids that are applied to the toilet seat. These are the most important because that is where maximum germs stay. And you can buy toilet cleaners online in BD from ajkerdeal now. And then there is a floor cleaner, with which you can clean the floor of your house as well as the floor of the toilet. It not only cleans the floor but also removes maximum germs. And you can find floor cleaners online now with ajkerdeal.

Pest Control:

Pest control means killing or controlling the harmful animals such as mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, mice, cockroaches etc. These animals and insects are very harmful. They carry germs of harmful diseases. Mice cuts our clothes, important papers. So, it is important to control pests in our home. There are some devices and chemicals that will help you to control such things. You can now buy pest control products online very easily with ajker deal.


Clothes and fabric that you use, must be washed regularly or they will get spilled, stinky, dirty and full of germs. When we go outside, we catch millions of germs on us. We can take a bath and get rid of these germs easily but to remove germs, you need laundry. From ajkerdeal you will get all the essential things for laundry. You can buy laundry detergent online in BD. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of them from which you can choose yours. Then there is a laundry basket. It is also very helpful. Because you do not want your clothes to be misplaced or unorganized. So you can order laundry baskets online in BD with ajkerdeal.

Shoe Polish and Brush:

Shoes get very dirty and very frequently. And it is a waste of time if you are polishing your shoes every day outside your home. so , it is wise to have a shoe polish and brush at your home with which you can clean the shoes, polish them, shine them and make them look as new. Now you can order shoe polish online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal. And we will send it to your doorstep.

Tissue/ Napkin/ Trash Bag:

To keep your kitchen and dining clean, there is no other alternatives of these things. Tissues are not only used in dining or kitchen, you can have facial tissue in your living room, pocket tissue in your pocket. Napkins are important in dining to keep your clothes clean from food stains. There is another thing which is very important in the kitchen, that is trash bags. Without trash bags, your kitchen will be a mess. So it is important to have a trach bag in your kitchen. Now you can buy them all online sitting in your house. 

Other Items:

There are some other items that you need to keep your surroundings clean. Such as brush, mopper, mug, bucket, hand wash etc. Now you can have all these cleaning items in one place, where you do not have to worry about anything. You just have to browse, select your items and place an order. The items will be sent on your doorstep.