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Elderly people need special treatment and comfort. provides all types of special beds and chairs for old people or patients in need, so you just click the medicine & healthcare product category to find your convenient products. 

Wheelchair For Comfortable Use

There is the wheelchair with full arms and swing away removable footrest. Wheel-chair provides best comfort and mobility in an economical package for the elderly person or patient. Wheelchair comes in a durable, lightweight and attractive design with essential safety features for comfortable usage. 

Aluminum Alloy Normal Wheelchair

Wheelchair also comes with padded nylon upholstery and one piece armrests that offer a cushioned feel with minimal maintenance. It is an extremely comfortable chair so that the patient will be able to sit in the chair for hours at a time without any discomfort. The overall width of the wheel chair is 43cm. 

so before you buy this wheelchair, you should check the doors and passages in your house to ensure that they are over 43cm wide. The armrests are fixed while the foot rests can be folded when required. However, the footrests are not detachable. The front wheels are 8"" solid caster and the rear wheels are 24””. 

Hospital Bed

Hospital Furniture is specially used for the patients safety and comfortable situation. We provide a Professional 3 crank hospital manual bed that is used for general use.  Hospital beds will often be recommended for better positioning and better movement for the patient's body. 

Safetouch Electric Hospital Bed in Air Mattress For Patient

Safetouch Electric Hospital Bed in Air Mattress For Patient. It helps reduce any pain in the body and reduce your body fat. Massage can be done anywhere in the body so that it can relieve pain of various joints in the body. 

Electric shaking eliminates unnecessary fat in the body. Just ten minutes a day helps keep you healthy and fat free. All ages of men and women can use it. it has no side effects.

Patient Examination Bed

All types of chairs and beds for the patients are now available at our site. You can also find Hospital Furniture of patient examination beds. Specific use for Hospital Bed. Furniture material is metal type and easily folded. Browse through to find a wide variety of special medical chairs and beds for your needs. 

Self-Heating Neck Guard 

The self-heating neck guard also helps to reduce pain. Elastic band with velcro; The result is an easy-to-use comfortable neck guard design. It helps to cure your blood pressure neck and muscle pain. You can ensure the correct position of your spine with this self-heating neck guard. 

Very effective for those who have been suffering from neck or spinal pain for a long time, those who sit at a desk and work looking at the monitor for a long time and those who drive for a long time. 

Round Seat Cushion With Pumper

The Cervical pillow helps you to get relief from neck pain and sleep well. They also offer superior comfort and provide the proper ergonomic support while you sleep. We also provide the round seat cushion with pumper which is made of Durable Nylon PVC with Flannel Flocking material. 

High flow, easy inflate valve, can be inflated by mouth or with the help of a pump. Round seat cushion is distributing the weight evenly, it protects the sensitive area from excessive pressure. If you want this comfortable round seat cushion then browse our site. 

DULIFE PLUS Air Mattress

There are folding single beds for hospital use. There is also a mattress for adjustable settings. It is commonly used in nursing homes and comes with an adjustable pump allowing you to adjust the firmness and softness of the pad. We also provide folding handheld stretchers for easy patient handling.

Best Care Air Mattress For Patient 

This type of Air mattress is used as a bedsore prevention and treatment. Prolonged bed rest helps the body to heal or prevent wounds. It has a bubble air mattress system. Very lightweight so it is easy to carry.  

Commode Wheelchair 

The lightweight commode chair comes with fixed arm and back support. The chair has a strong frame and plastic seat with durability. Rubber cover under every leg of the chair supports not to go to slide. There is also a stacking commode, foldable commode chair for you to choose from. It can serve dual purpose as a Commode wheelchair and a Normal Wheelchair. 

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