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We all want to be attractive to ourselves. How much is done for it? Cosmetics cost money, put on the face. But after removing the makeup, that dirty look again, the chin goes out. Those who are a little worried try to bring the body into shape by exercising. But there is no change in the appearance of thick hands, heavy buttocks or breasts. Ever wondered why you couldn't go to your desired figure shape?

Hot Shapers pants can be worn daily under exercise or during daily work hours. It is made in Neotex TM (intelligent fiber technology) that enhances your body, temperature, and results in increased sweating and fat burning. Owing to the attractive waistline, the interior texture of the fabric makes you sweat and the exterior texture absorbs your sweat and moisture, thanks to its unique outer texture. Four keeps you dry, always use both male and female up yogi.

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Buy Hot Shaper Pants In Bangladesh Online

  • You can read under the clothing daily during exercise or during daily work
  • It's built on Neotex ™ (intelligent fiber technology) that enhances your body temperature; As a result, your sweat increases and fat burns, making you more attractive
  • The interior texture of the fabric makes you sweat and the external texture absorbs your sweat and moisture and burns body calories.
  • Designed by Neotex ™ (Intelligent Fiber Technology), its unique outer texture always keeps you dry.
  • Easy to clean
  • Color: Outside - Black, Inside - Yellow
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Slim N Lift Carriage Jeans For Women

Slim 'n Lift Carriage Jeans Designer jeans-style combines the comfort and soft feel of your favorite leggings. With no buttons, zippers or studs, Slim 'n Lift Carriage jeans are always comfortable and always on-trend. No one knows you're wearing jeans! And the best part? Slim 'n Lift Cares jeans have advanced SlimFlex technology that will make your body look slim and sexy. And say hello to the comfiest, most stylish and flattering jeans you own. Slim 'n Lift Cares jeans will help you look and feel better!


  • Stitched in compression zones that lift, tone, and firm your waist, bottom, and legs.
  • It helps shape your body for a smooth, slim look.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric that fits perfectly with your size.
  • It looks like jeans but looks like soft leggings with no uncomfortable buttons, zippers or studs.
  • Removes the appearance of a love handle without feeling too tense and The curve aware waistband is longer and wider than normal jeans so it flattens your belly to cover the muffin tops
  • SlimFlex technology allows the fabric to be contoured perfectly to your body shape so that it is extremely comfortable.
  • Random color will be transmitted.

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