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We all want to be attractive to ourselves. How much is done for it? Cosmetics cost money, put on face. But after removing the makeup, that dirty look again, the chin goes out. Those who are a little wary try to bring the body into shape by exercising. But there is no change in the appearance of thick hands, heavy buttocks or breasts. Ever wondered why you couldn't go to your desired figure shape?

Everyone's body is different in structure. Someone's face is full, the body is dry or the whole body is heavy but there is no meat in the mouth. In some cases, only hands are thick and they look thick. Someone's upper body is heavier or lower. This is why body shaping is so important to know the structure of the body. 

Are you trying to give your body an attractive shape? Don’t know where to shop body shaper? Do not worry! Your most trustworthy online marketplace, AjkerDeal has a wide range of Body shaper products online at an affordable price. Visit our site, go to the Medicine & Health Care category, select Slimming Products, and browse body shaper. Order now and get home delivery!

Munafi Slimming Penty price in BD

Product Description:

  • Slimming stomach bucit
  • Helps tighten the waist and hips
  • Lifting the buttocks
  • Burn Fat
  • Smooth circulation and metabolism
  • Forming a body curve
  • All size fit XXL
  • Very soft and comfortable to use
  • No folds when sitting
  • Not sick when used
  • Can be used every day

Price: Munafi Slimming Penty’s price is 319 taka only to shop online at AjkerDeal.

Hot Shaper Slimming T-Shirt online price in BD

Product Description:

  • A unique gazette for women.
  • Size: Free
  • It holds the shape of the belly and chest of the girls.
  • Your figure will be in shape.
  • It is very useful to wear.
  • You can use it at home, while walking, at work, at shopping, at jogging.
  • It will help reduce the excess fat in your body.
  •  It will be slim and attractive for you to use regularly.
  • Feel free to wear it, feel comfortable and comfortable.
  • It will make you more attractive and slim.

Price: Hot Shaper Slimming T-Shirt price is 740 taka only. Shop online now!

Body Shaper for Women price in BD

Body Shaper for Women Material: High-Quality Fiber, size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Covering excess fat in the body gives the body an attractive shape to help reduce excess body weight. Shop this kit to show your body perfect and slim

Price: Women’s body shaper price is 999 taka only which is very reasonable to shop online at our site. The product has a 100% positive review. So why waiting for? Order and get home delivery!

Buy REDU Shaper slimming vest online in BD

ReSharper is a comfortable and effective garment designed with NEO POWER technology, which will help increase the temperature of your abdomen, waist, and back, making you look slender and without fat. Use it while doing your daily activities, exercises walk or simply at home doing chores, you can even sleep with it. Its internal texture makes it sweat and the external texture absorbs moisture keeping it cool and dry. Nobody will notice that you're wearing it!

Price: REDU Shaper slimming vest online price is 524 taka only. Shop now and give your figure an attractive look!

Munafi Slim n fit vest for women in BD 

Product Description:

  • Trying it yourself will feel like you lost 5 or 5 pounds,
  • You will find yourself more attractive
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL
  • As a result of using it, the excess fat/pot may not be understood from the outside
  • Good quality fabrics so can be used for a long time
  • It is completely external so there are no side effects
  • It looks much smarter and taller as a result of using it

Munafi slim n fit vest for women’s price is reasonably affordable to shop online at our site. Order online now! You have to count 620 taka only!

There are a lot more other body shapers available at our site which are reasonable in price to shop online. Checkout for more other body shapers.