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Sanitary napkins are also known as sanitary pads and they are really important for every women’s hygiene. You can now buy sanitary napkin online in BD from ajkerdeal. Sanitary napkin is a cotton or gel pad that has a high absorbent ability. They are used to absorb uterine flow during the menstrual cycle of women. Every woman goes through this period every month starting from 12 to 13 years and up to 30 to 35 years. And to stay clean and healthy, menstrual management is an important thing. There are a lot of ways of menstrual management. If you are feeling shy or uncomfortable buying them yourself then you can order them on ajkerdeal and will make sure that you get your pads within a short time. So, if you are looking for one, then place an order now. Your pads will be at your front door soon. Buy maternity care product online in BD 

Why Sanitary Pads?

Menstrual management is one of the most important issues for every woman. If you do not have proper menstrual management then it can cause a lot of physical and mental problems and can put you in an uncomfortable and awkward situation. A lot of women use ordinary cotton or clothes which is not wise to use. And some reuse the saim piece of clothes over and over again by washing it which is strongly discouraged by health experts. It is very important that you keep yourself as clean as possible. So, it is highly recommended for you to use a disposable sanitary pad. We have listed some important benefits you can get from using sanitary pads.

No Worry of Leakage:

A good quality pad can absorb more and quickly thus there is hardly a chance of leakage. And you know well how preventing leakage can prevent you from a humiliation and saves your dress from bloodstain. You can use them with any kind of wear and fashion. But you can not have that freedom with a piece of clothe or ordinary cotton pars. So, by using a sanitary pad you can enjoy and do your work with more freedom and relief.

No Need to Clean:

Sanitary pads are made as a disposable pad. You have to throw it away as soon as it gets hard. Sanitary pads have less chance of spreading infection than others. However, there is no worries about cleaning and drying it. So, it has less hassle and more hygienic benefits than any other systems.


Sanitary pads are flexible and convenient. They come in various sizes, styles, and absorbent level. These pads also saves you from any bad odor. You can choose from the options. But in a cotton or cloth pad, you can not have these options.


When you are traveling, and suddenly realize that your period has started and you can not find your cloth or cotton pads then you will understand how important sanitary pads are. In these kinds of situations, you just have to find a shop and buy a pack of sanitary pads and you are good to go. Sanitary pads are easily accessible and portable. You can also carry them with you while traveling if you have the date in mind.

Prevents Infection:

If you are using cloth pads then you have to wash them properly after every use or they will cause vaginal infection. There is a higher chance of spreading bacteria through a cloth pad because it needs to be cleaned properly or the bacterias will grow and will infect you which will result in other major complications. But if you use sanitary pads then you are free from this tension. Because they are already clean and germs free and because of the fact that they are disposable, you can not use them more than once so there is no chance of getting an infection.

Types of Sanitary Napkins:

There are lots of sanitary pads in the market. Each of them has a different use. So, before you buy one randomly you should first know the types and then decide which one is perfect for you. To help you, we have listed some of the common types. So, let’s walk you through.

Panty Liners:

They are very thin sanitary pads. You can find them in various sizes. You will find short and slim or wide so, you can choose according to the size of your underwear. Some of them come with a nice fragrance as sometimes it can get smelly which can cause discomfort for many women. So, some companies have added fragrance to it. 

Regular or Medium:

These are the most common types of sanitary pads that you will find in the market. Most of the brands sell them in a pink or yellow package to distinguish. Regular pads are a bit thicker because they have to absorb more blood. These pads are perfect for regular and daily use. 

Night Pads:

These kinds of pads are the thickest and covers most of the areas. Thet are made to absorb the whole night. They allow you to sleep peacefully without any worries of getting up and changing pads or having bloodstain on your bedsheets. You can wear an overnight pad at any time of the day it is not necessary to wear them only at night. They got the name because they are designed to absorb the whole night. 


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