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Every small thing is important that is used in the house to make life comfortable and easier. If you want your life easier and comfortable then browse through the Household Products category from ajkerdeal site.

What Are Insect Repellents?

Usually, Repellents are substances that help people avoid mosquito bites as well as avoid any type of insects. Insect Repellents are made for us for comfort life and Repellents is considered as bug killers and bug spray.

Type of Insect Repellents

People explore many insect killers but that is commonly called Insect Repellents. These repellents are found with many varieties of substance. There are some insects repellent in type of creams, solid type sticks, coil, lotion, aerosols, pump sprays, vaporizer, and liquids. 

Everyone Knows Good Knight Products


If anyone says mosquito coil, spray or any repellents, firsty remember the name of “Good Knight” products. Good Knight is the known home care brand and most famous mosquito repellent brand. “Good Knight” brand is recognized by a quotation of “ Protecting Happy Moments” and “Good Knight For Good”. 

Good Knight Mosquito Repellent Products

Good Knight Brand products are basically Mosquito Repellent products for outdoor and indoor based. We listed some Mosquito Repellent products, such as-

  • Good Knight Indoor Mosquito Green Shakti Coil, Jumbo & Mini Jumbo Coil,
  • Active Plus & Low Smoke Coil
  • Good Knight XPress Coil
  • Good Knight Fast Card
  • Good Knight Power Shots


  • Good Knight Indoor Electric Product of Gold Flash System
  • Good Knight Power Chip System & X-Press System
  • Good Knight Active + System
  • Good Knight Natural Neem Liquid Vaporizer with Refill
  • Good Knight Outdoor Products of Patches, Fabric Roll-on, Cool Gel
  • Good Knight Anti-Mosquito Room Spray

Good Knight Mosquito Repellent Products In Bangladesh

Good Knight Products are produced for the protection in bites of insects specially mosquitos. Our Ajkerdeal site always provides useful products that customers can easily pick the right products for their home and lead a comfortable life.   

Let’s Check out for Anti-Mosquito products of Good Knight Brand. Such as-

  • Good Knight Express System 35ml
  • Good Knight Express System With Refill
  • Good Knight Anti-Mosquito Repellent 45ml
  • Good Knight Fabric Roll On
  • Good Knight Fast Card
  • Good Knight Express Coil
  • Advanced Low Smoke Coil
  • Neem Active Coil
  • Good Knight Liquid Refill

Shop For Good Knight Mosquito Repellent From

Check Out website for outdoor and indoor mosquito & ANTI-mosquito Repellent Products for Household.  

Good Knight Express System 35ml 

If you want a “Good Knight Express System” to alleviate the gaggle of mosquitos then go visit ajkerdeal site and get the Good Knight Package Contents of 1-Piece Machine and 1-Piece CartridgeIt comes with a machine that makes 9-minute action refilling. 

Good Knight Express System With Refill

This Good Knight Express System works with an instant action. It clears mosquitoes from the room within minutes from switching on. It has the dual mode advantage to protect in all corners of the room and Protects your family from diseases like dengue, chikungunya. 

Good Knight Anti-Mosquito Repellent 45ml

We offer the Good Knight Anti-Mosquito Repellent which is most popular worldwide. Imported from India and its Net Weight: 45ml. This Repellent has a pleasant fragrance. This Repellent works in the fastest system to get rid of mosquitoes from home. 

Good Knight Fabric Roll On 

We provide the new innovative mosquito personal repellent with 100% natural guarantee. Each bottle consists of pure citronella and eucalyptus oil. You can just apply 4 dots of the non-staining formula on clothes for complete outdoor protection. 

Good Knight Fabric Roll On In Packet 

This fabric roll on is protecting from all kinds of mosquitoes for 8 hours including those spreading dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Safe for children, For babies under 2 years of age and apply on their prams, cots and strollers.