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NVR DVR Price in Bangladesh | Latest Technology Security System in BD 

Before buying a security system, you will need to know whether you are going to use the DVR or NVR. Both work the same way. It differentiates between the type of camera you are using. It is common to have a sense of DVR and NVR during the purchase of security cameras. Here the differences between the DVR and the NBR will be discussed in detail so that anyone can easily decide whether to purchase the NBR or the NBR.

Prior to the detailed discussion of the DVR and NBR, there are no short basic details of this system. The meaning of DVR is Digital Video Recorder. On the other hand, NVR refers to the Network Video Recorder. Basically, the work of both NBR and DVR is recorded in the video. If both of them are to be recorded in the video then what is the difference between them. The answer is primarily the way in which it records system video. The most fundamental difference is that, the DVR video data processing is processed on the back. on the other hand,  NVR video data processed in the camera which is used later. These two devices use different cameras. DVR System Cameras connected with the Cable and NVR system cameras can be connected to cable or can be used wirelessly.


DVR system

In the last few years, the progress of analog cameras has reduced the number of differences between the two systems, in the case of the resolution. You may have noticed that the cost of DVR-based cameras is much lower than the NVR. Due to the low price of this security system, the DVR system is still the choice of everyone in this era of NVR system.


Camera Type: 

DVR-based cameras are called Analog Security Cameras, which are also known as CCTV Camera. On the other hand, NVR based cameras are called IP Cameras. has a great collection of branded NVR and DVR. along with these, you can also buy CCTV and IP cameras. The price of the products is very reasonable. Ajkerdeals has a special delivery system for products like NVR, DVR, CCTV, and IP Cameras.