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Action Camera is like a normal camera which can shoot HD photos & videos. But they are not designed like the regular cameras. They are specially designed for filming action while you are on the go. Action cameras are therefore typically compact and light-weight. Action cameras are very handy because you can mount them on pretty much everything. You can easily attach them to surfboards, skateboards, bicycles, drones, your body parts, helmets, and even your pets.

For choosing an action camera you should definitely want to consider fps (frame per second), frame rate. For standard use, 30 fps is perfectly fine. Some action cameras offer up to 240fps recording, while others can go only to 30fps.

Today, some best action cams in the market are capable to capture video at 4K resolution mostly at 30fps. The main plus point is when you have the ability to record video on 4K you can easily crop the footage and maintain a 1080p output quality. It will make an ultra-wide view of typical action cam but in a bit more versatile manner.

Not all the action cameras are good for every spot. There are some special quality action cams perfect for different crucial video captures.

If you want to catch under-skateboard shots, you have to pay close attention to size.  You must have to consider waterproofing if you try to record footage underwater. Some waterproof cameras can go deeper.

You also have to consider on-camera controls and wireless features. Most of them rely on a connected mobile device to adjust settings. You will definitely find touch-screen models to be the easiest to operate. Some great apps let you use your viewfinder on your mobile screen and you can use them in a more customized way. You will surely find out great experience using them.

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