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Jam and Jelly

The tradition of eating jam-bread or breakfast toast and jelly in the morning is quite old. Still, breakfast is not organized without jelly in many houses. There are two different types of food known - jam and jelly.

Many people think jam and jelly are the same food. In fact, jam and jelly are two completely different dishes. Most people cannot distinguish between jam and jelly for almost the same density, taste and flavor.

Although made from fruit, there is a big difference between the two dishes. Even the process of making jam and jelly is different from each other. Let's know the difference between jam and jelly:


The process of making jam is very much like making jelly. However, the biggest difference between jam and jelly is that only fruit juice is used in jelly and whole fruit is used in jam making. As a result, small residues of fruit are found inside the jam. In addition to using the whole fruit, the density of the jam is higher than the jelly and the taste and smell of the jam is more intense than the jelly.

However, many do not like to eat jam with fruit chunks. In that case, the best solution would be jelly.


In our country, gelatin is more abundant. Orange jelly, apple jelly, strawberry jelly or mix fruit jelly can be found at the store next door. To make this jelly, only the juice of the fruit is required, no jelly is left in the fruit. The fruit is squeezed very well, its juice is drained. Fruit juices contain natural density-making material, pectin. The juice is mixed with the sugar and boiled over with heat.

The jelly is actually made by cooling the juice. In some cases, extra pectin is added to increase the concentration of jelly. However, the taste does not vary at all.

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