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Fish are cold-blooded vertebrates that have scanty breathing, twin or flaccid wings for movement, usually have scales on their bodies, usually accepting water as a means of living. Usually the outer part of their body is covered with fibers; However, the number of fish that are not fibrous is not less.

They live in the saltwater of the sea and freshwater canals, bills, haor, baor, river, lake, pond, boat. From the mountain fountains to the deep bottom of the ocean, that is, wherever there is water, fish can be found. Fish are used as human food almost everywhere on earth. Fish are one of the main contributors to the human body. Fish are cultivated in many places. Apart from this, fish can be caught with a rod for recreation.

Fish is a deciduous product. It is essential to market it immediately after collection. But the fish market is not efficient due to poor infrastructure and transport system in the country. Moreover, it is not possible to deliver the fish in a timely manner acceptable to the consumer as the functions of ice, processing, ordering, frozen, etc. are not done properly. According to one study, about 30% of the fish was lost from the collection to the consumption of the consumer. As a result, the marketing costs of fish increase.

According to one estimate, the marketing costs and profits of the fish are about 50 percent of the consumer price. This is a sign of marketing inefficiency. Moreover, the task of extracting fish is very dependent on the area and season, so there is a huge difference in the value of fish in the place. The time difference is marked by 54 to 449% of the time and space difference between 15 and 54%. Through the freezing and processing of fish and proper development of the transport system, these difficulties can be kept to a minimum level.

Fish is very good and nutritious food. The shortage is huge in Bangladesh. Its production system is not as efficient. Because of this, there is a huge scope for increasing the production of fish in this country. It is possible to increase the production of fish by accelerating the innovation and retention of modern technology. This requires strengthening the research and expansion program. For this purpose, investment in the fisheries sector needs to be increased.

Some Types of Fishes That Are Found in the Markets of Bangladesh:

Tengra Fish: 

Carnivorous fish of the Bagridae tribe. The subcontinent of India is their original home. The fish can be seen in the canals of Bangladesh. Different types of fish are found in Bangladesh. 

Their bodies are scaleless. The body is tall. The length is about 6-7 cm. The color of the back is very brown. But the bottom color is pale yellow. There are black spots near the shoulders. There are two long black spots at the top and bottom of the sideline.

People in Bangladesh usually cook these fish in baked cakes. These fish are rich in fat, fat, calcium and iron. However, this fish is very effective in meeting calcium deficiency.

Deshi Magur Fish:

Magur is a fossilized, non-ferrous, baroque geol fish. Magur's head is flat, mouth wide. The dorsal fin and anal fin are long and extend to the tail. The tail part is pressed and the ends rounded. Its color is reddish-brown or grey-black. There are four pairs of barbels on the face.

This fish is found everywhere in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc. this fish is very delicious, as well as the favorite to everyone. In our country, Magur fish is also eaten as a patient’s food.

Deshi Rui Fish:

Rui fish is a natural species of the river system in India (mainland), Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Freshwater is available in ponds, lakes, rivers and estuaries. In Bangladesh, many big rivers roam, entering the floodplain when they lay eggs. Due to taste, easy cultivation and economic importance, and to meet the nutritional deficit, fish are being cultivated in Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and African countries. The successful cultivation of cotton is also being infused in the freshwater rivers of the Andaman Islands.

Every 100 grams of Rui fish contains 16.4 grams of ammonium, 1.4 grams of fat, 680 mg of calcium, 223 milligrams of phosphorus.

Hilsa Fish:

The national fish of Bangladesh is Hilsa. Beyond this institutionalism, the hilarious love of Bengali has been well known for a long time. The variety of foods such as Hilsa, Hilsha polao, Hilsa Dopeyza, Hilsa Paturi, fried Hilsa, smoked Hilsa, smoked hints, hints of hominy are popular in Bangladesh. The Hilsa of the river, especially the fish of the Padma-Meghna basin, will be shaped like bronze, which means the head and tail should be thin and the abdomen should be thick.


Prawn is a type of crustacean used for the Decapoda class of crabs and lobsters. They live in almost all types of reservoirs around the world. Some species live in the mud or in the sand or in the cracks of rocks near the coast. Others swim in groups in deep sea cold water. They are grey, brown, white or pink. Some have stripes, some have different spots.

Shrimp is a popular food for people all over the world. There are good shrimp markets at home and abroad. Shrimp is one of Bangladesh's export products. From this, every year, the foreign currency of several million taka. The Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation, Bangladesh National Fisheries Cooperative Association, Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industry Organization and some individual owned companies collect, process and export shrimp.

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