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Definition of Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks or energy drinks are very popular among youths in our country. Caffeine-rich energy drinks or energy-intensive drinks have been linked to cardiovascular, nerve and stomach problems. Caffeine-rich energy drinks are popular, but one study has found that drinks slowly deplete your blood vessels.

Elements present in Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks usually contain methylbenzene, vitamin B and medicinal properties, including caffeine. Other ingredients include acidic water, guarana, yarba mats, acai and taurine, as well as a variety of ginseng, maltodextrin, inositol, carnitine, creatine, glucuronolactone, and ginkgo biloba. 

Some energy drinks contain high levels of sugar. Besides, many drinks are marketed by the control of artificial sweeteners. Caffeine products are available in most energy drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in coffee or tea. buy coffee in bd

But as a caffeine ingredient in energy drinks, cholera levels are almost three times higher. Coca-Cola Classical contains 3 milligrams of caffeine in bar ounce amounts; In contrast, Monster Energy Drink Caffeine contains 120 mg.

Features of Energy drinks:

These energy drinks are occasionally consumed when young people exercise or work hard. Excessive blood circulation is required during exercise and sports, so that oxygen can reach the body's cells quickly. Energy drinks, however, reduce blood vessel diameters.

As a result, blood flow is low and oxygen supply is lower than normal. As a result, after drinking energy drinks, it will be no surprise to anyone who has a cardiac arrest. Energy drinks contain not only caffeine but also alcohol. Although there is no prescription on energy drinks, some brands are found to contain alcohol, which is of great concern. 

Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can cause tooth decay or dental caries. Not only that, but it can be fungal infections of the mouth if you drink these drinks constantly. Drinking excessive amounts of energy drinks can cause dehydration due to the presence of caffeine.

Energy drinks destroy normal appetite. Sleep disturbances can occur at night. Dry mouth may be due to caffeine and alcohol. And dry mouth will increase the chances of a toothache.

In addition to energy drinks, canned fruit juices, mushrooms and other foods are available at various shopping malls. It's best not to eat canned food or drinks. Because these fruit juices and foods contain artificial preservatives and odors, which are harmful to health. Keep in mind that a canned fruit juice for two or three hundred bucks has nothing to do with your health. Instead, you can buy any nutritious food with that money.

Finally, those over the age of 18, pregnant women or lactating mothers, people sensitive to caffeine, who have heart disease, should stay far away from energy drinks.

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