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Bengali Traditional Dessert Curd in Bangladesh | 

Sweet curd is a traditional Bengali dessert in Bangladesh. It is also a very popular dessert among all people. Celebrate any occasion with curds. Buy curds online from the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh, Order traditional sweet curds from online and get them directly delivered to your doorstep. 

Talking About Traditional Yogurt Or Curd

Curds are one of the most famous foods in Bangladesh as they are loved by people of all ages. Basically, Curd is a dairy product executed by coagulating milk in a procedure called curdling. Find the great taste and flavors of sweet cards from 

Yogurt & Curd Are Different From Each Other

There are different types of dairy products found with some key differences. We know the yoghurt and curd are different from each other. These two are two different forms of milk but same dairy products. Yogurt created by fermenting milk using bacteria. And Curd is obtained by curdling with an edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar. 

Bengali Is Known For Its Traditional Sweets

Yogurt is known around the world. The dairy products of curd are four thousand years old. Bengali is known for its traditional sweets & desserts. When you see yogurt or curd, water comes to your tongue. The wedding may have eaten up to the throat, yet you will see from the side who lifted one more kabbalah yogurt for eating. 

Bogra’s Curd Has Its Reputation in Bangladesh 

The name of this famous food in Bogra was formerly written on “Doi”. The family, known as Ghosh, started this industry some 20 years ago, but in fact, this yogurt has been renowned by Gaura Gopal Chandra Ghosh. When it comes to the fame of Bogra yogurt, Gaura Gopal's name comes up. 

Prices Of Famous Curd According To Occasions

The price of this famous Curd in Bogra is within reach on your budget. In normal time, the price will be Tk. 140-220 per kg. However, during different social occasions, such as Eid, Puja, the first day of Baisakh, its prices vary on the occasion of fasting.

Bogra's Specialty Yogurt Or Curd 

When we think about the place of Bogra then the name of delicious Curds comes to mind somewhere. We provide our Curd lover an amount of yogurt: 1 gram x 1 = 1 gram in 1 large size. The traditional taste of Bogra. We brought it directly from Bogra. 

Popularity Of Bogra’s Curd

Originally in the early sixties, the story of the popularity of Bogra yogurt spread to the neighboring countries. From Queen Elizabeth in Britain to the United States has also gone to taste of bogra’s curd. 

Best Price Of Delicious Cards 

Serving a sweet dish of yogurt is the best option for loved ones or guests. We provide the best quality cards at the best price. Browse through our site for fresh and healthy curds. Enjoy your favorite sweet dishes with your entire family members and order online from 

Different Types Of Tasty Curds

Explore all types of curds including sweet curds, sour yogurt, shahi yogurt and much more for your choice from We provide the best and most delicious sweet curds. Take a look at our best quality sweet & dessert products. 

Benefits of Eating Curd 

There is no substitute for yogurt to keep the body healthy and beautiful. The protein, calcium and good bacteria present in it play an important role in reducing weight as well as improving digestive capacity, eliminating vitamin deficiencies in the body, improving bone health, keeping blood pressure normal, reducing fever outbreaks and meeting protein demand.

It is Not Good To Eat Too Much Sour Curd 

There is great benefit in eating 2-3 cups of yogurt a day. So there is no need to eat yogurt in excess. Think that if you eat a lot of yogurt, the body will be much better but on the contrary, the opposite happens. As a result, the risk of developing various diseases is increased.

Many Famous Places Of Delicious Yogurt Or Curds 

Treat the guest with sweet curd in the season of summer as this healthy low fat sweet dish is liked by all. Explore the great taste of curds from our popular local area. There is curd from Bogra, Sirajganj available at our site. We also provide yogurt from the most famous shop. Check on our site for your favorite.

Order Some Ambrosial Sweets For Occasions

Every festival is incomplete without sweets and desserts.  No program is proper without eating sweets. Enjoy sweet curds with your family by ordering from online at They are ideal for celebrating any Bengali occasion or any other special events.

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