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Generally, we love to eat biscuits and cookies along with tea or coffee, in breakfast or as evening snacks. Even though we are accustomed to eating biscuits, Americans are comfortable with cookies. Are biscuits and cookies the same, or different? Let's know where the different biscuits and cookies are.

'Cookie' is an American English word. Which comes from the Dutch word 'Koikze'. Which means small cakes. Cookies are thicker than biscuits. It takes longer to bake because there are ingredients like nuts, oats, chocolate chips, raisins. Cookies are not crispy, but biscuits are.

On the other hand, the word biscuit is British. Which comes from the Mids French word bis (meaning twice) and cocker (cook). That is, the meaning of the word biscuit that has been baked twice. Biscuits are usually made with butter, flour, sugar or salt. Biscuits are much thinner than cookies. Cookies contain more sugar than biscuits.

Biscuits look common to see. But when making cookies, decorations like glazing, frosting, royal icing are used.

A biscuit can be found in the street tea Shop which costs only three taka. Again, a packet of 3 biscuits worth 20 taka is available at the elite shop, which is made in our country. In the middle of it are various biscuits, which have a variety of flavors. These new flavors and variations in price are boosting the country's biscuit market. The eating habits of the people of Bangladesh are changing. They are now taking a packet of biscuits as a meal. So the market is getting bigger.

Not only in the country, the market for Bangladeshi biscuits is also increasing abroad. Many Bangladeshi companies are now exporting biscuits by creating a strong position in the country market. Due to low production costs, they are able to export at relatively low prices.

Biscuit companies say the price of biscuit materials has dropped in the last few years, as well as competition in the country has increased. As a result, the price of biscuits did not rise. The people of this country are getting biscuits within reach, which is another major reason for market growth.

Biscuits are a full meal now. Companies are adding all kinds of food ingredients to it, which is healthy. Besides, healthier biscuits produced in modern factories are now getting lower cost.

The biscuit market is divided into three categories. These are ordinary bakery biscuits, biscuits from small or region-based brands and biscuits produced at established large company factories. As the prices of the brand's biscuits are falling, they are now selling more than ever. Biscuits from various brands are available now, especially for five takas, which are quite popular in tea shops. Olympic, Haque, Nabisco, Danish, Romania, Cocola, Pran, Kishoyan, Well Food - these are now big brands in the biscuit market of Bangladesh.

In the market, Starting from ordinary biscuits, various flavored biscuits including potatoes, cumin, cream, chocolate, wafer, toast, spices, salt, almonds, milk, ghee, sesame, vegetables, glucose, coffee, strawberries, oranges are being sold. Besides, some companies have brought digestive biscuits beneficial for digestive biscuits and digestive tract for patients with diabetes.

In the fiscal year 2017-2018, Bangladesh earned 4 Crore 33 lakh taka by exporting biscuits, wafers and cakes. Exports increased by 15 percent over the previous year. The largest exports to the United Arab Emirates.

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