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Birthday Cake at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Celebrate a special occasion with decorative and delicious cakes. Now you can order your favorite cakes from online. Buy cakes online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh,


Birthday is a day when a person is born, he comes to earth through birth. Then every year when that day comes, a cake cutting and joy festival is organized to commemorate that day. The center of this ceremony is the birthday guy, himself. Cultural events are usually held after the cake is cut. The event ends with lunch or dinner.

Birthday Cake

One of the attractive materials for the birthday party is the cake. Special birthday cakes are ordered. This cake usually has a message written on it, such as "Happy Birthday (person's name)", or "Long live". The birthday cake is accompanied by a candle, the candle is blown out and then the cake is cut.

Theme-based Birthday Cake

Nowadays birthdays are celebrated with a special ‘theme’. All the birthday decorations are arranged based on that theme, even the birthday cake is also based on that theme. Invited birthday guests also dress up according to that theme or dress according to that theme.

Some common birthday party themes are - Dinosaur Park Theme, Frozen Theme, The Boss Baby Theme, Princess Theme, Spiderman Theme, etc.

Types of Birthday Cakes

There are several types of birthday cakes are found in our culture. Some people love vanilla flavor, some like the chocolate flavor, or some like the mixture of both flavor. There are also lemon-flavored cake, strawberry

-flavored cake, mango-flavored cake, coffee-flavored cake, oreo cake, cheesecake, black forest cake, fondant cake, and many other variations are found in the cake shops. 

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Some Cakes That Are Available in AjkerDeal

Vanilla Cake

The size of this cake is 1 pound. The flavor of this cake is vanilla and chocolate mixed. The design and size of this cake can be customized.

Note: The cake can be only delivered inside Dhaka city.

Chocolate Cake

The taste of the chocolate cake of Ovenly just feels like heavenly. The rich chocolate and heavy cream of the cake will surely melt your heart.

The cake size is 500 gram and it is chocolate-flavored. But the size and the flavor both can be customized by choice. 

Note- The cake can be delivered inside Dhaka and the full payment must be paid advanced. 

Rainbow Cake

The cake has 6 layers and its name is a rainbow cake. The bakers have their own recipe. The ingredients they used are- flour, baking powder, food color, eggs, fresh milk cream, yeast, essences, and more. The cake size is 1 kg. You have to place and confirm your order within 9 pm and the order must be given before 1 day. Our delivery charge is 150 taka.

Note- The cake can be delivered inside Dhaka and the full payment must be paid advanced. 

They also come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and patterns for you to choose from. They also come in a wide variety of shapes like round shape, square shape, heart shape, and many more shapes. There also includes many more greetings on the top. You can also customize your wishes. There is no extra preservative added for flavor and taste just like you bake it at home. They also come with various layers.

Make your loved one's birthday memorable with red velvet cake. There is Frozen Elsa Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated with buttercream frosting.

Satisfy your taste buds with chocolate cakes which are layered with a creamy filling and topped with a deep, dark chocolate cake. There is a soft chocolate cake that comes with full of taste and flavor. There is a chocolate cake with a double choco layer, Nutella chocolate cake.

Besides, there is Rosette cake, black forest cake with cherry and chocolate bowl, white forest cake with double choco and gelatin, chocolate dripping cake, emoticon velvet cake, bear cake, vanilla cake with double cherry layer and many more.

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