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Buy Property, Flat, House Online in Bangladesh:

People of all races always dream about having a place to live on their own. From ages people has possessed land of their own. In ancient times, when humans used to live in the caves, the used to mark their caves with symbols so that no one else can take over it. But because of the continental drift and ice age, humans were forced by nature to move to other places. While moving they used to take rest or stay when the weather was bad in temporary caves or under large trees. They used to mark them as well. After humans learned to build houses out of the wood stick and animal skins or tree leaves, some of them started to trade their primitive houses for other goods, such as food, stone weapons or even jewelry. But those tent like houses proved very weak against powerful wind or heavy rainfall. So, humans started using logs and bamboo instead of sticks. Which gave them stability against the wind. There was no concept of rooms back then. All the members of the families used to stay together.

Ancient Romans were the first to put a layout of the modern housing design consisting of more than one room. They used wood logs, wood planks, stone blocks. The kings of the Roman and Egypt used to built their palaces with large stone blocks.

The exchange of land, houses is a very old custom in our civilization. In modern ages, these real estate business has grown very rapidly. People are willing to buy ready made flats, houses or even land. With ajkerdeal you can buy property, flat or house online in Bangladesh.

Buy Land/ Property:

Buying and selling of land is not new in Bangladesh. People are practicing this business before Bangladesh, before Pakistan even before the British or Mughals. But in old times, there was a high possibility of being cheated. There was a lot of loopholes in the contracts, there were loopholes in the law as well. One party used to sell other party’s property without them knowing. And the owner and the buyer of the property both had to suffer. But now you do not have to worry about that. You can see the price of land in Bangladesh and can buy them without any hassle. Buying and selling of land has become much easier now. Before you had to wait for the registration of the land for a long time, sometimes even for months. But now you can have the registration done within a week or less. To make it more easy we are providing you the full detail and process online.


Flat is known as a part of a house with more than one room, at least one toilet and one kitchen. Though selling and buying of flats are new concepts in our country, it is becoming more and more popular day by day. And people are willing to buy a ready made flat. Based on this desire of the people, real estate industry has grown rapidly in our country over the last ten years. Generally the price is based on measurement and interior of the flat. The measurement is taken with square feets. And the price is charged for each square feet. There are two kinds of flats that are being traded in our country. One is a new flat, which is a company or a person builds a new building and starts to sell the flats. And other kind is used flat. The flat where people used to live but they moved out and the owner has sold the flat. There is also a procedure of registration for buying a flat which is also can be done within 7 working days. And this has also been a factor for real estat’s popularity. Ajkerdeal has made this procedure much easier. You do not have to wait for an advertisement or notice of sell. You can easily see and buy flats online in BD.


House is a building that is made for human habitation and it has a ground floor and can have more floors above. Humans are living in the houses from the beginning of human history. First in the caves, then in the tent houses then in stone house and gradually came modern house. Human uses house for shelter, security, comfort and rest. Every human has a dream of a house of his own. To fulfill your dream, ajkerdeal is giving you an option to buy a house online in BD. buying a house is not an easy job. You have to find a house, gather all the information, look for the paper works. But ajkerdeal is reducing all these hassles from your shoulder. You just have to go online and choose your dream house.