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Power Twister: Extreme Workout Tool for Fitness

“A sound health always carries happiness in mind”. It is urgent to maintain good health to handle our daily workload. But going to the gym or maintaining a hard and fast rule is always tough for our robotic life. In that case you can maintain your fitness and workout at your home. Free hand exercise can help you mostly as well as to maintain the right body weight with your desk job. Again, small instruments can also be your handy tools to maintain your daily fitness. Even a Power Twister can also be your extreme fitness workout tool without any hassle.

Let’s check forward how a Power Twister can help you out extremely and its regular uses and benefits. Also, this can be your ultimate buying guide to buy any small instruments like Power Twister for your personal home workout.

What is a Power Twister?

You will be amazed to know how a simple power twister can be a pro exercise tool for your body. Before that lets know a bit about the Power Twister.

A power twister is a small exercise tool combination of two metal rods on two sides. These two rods connected with a metal spring coil so that you can bend them twisting your power. Don’t worry about grips. There are also smooth grips on both sides of these rods. Grips are so perfect to band the bar together. Of course, you need to put all of your energy to bend these bars.

However, A normal power twister bar is about 27 inches long with a highest weight of 4lbs that is approximately up to 1.82 Kgs. You might wonder that there are also varieties of Power Twister depending on their bending capacity of the tension and the spring.

How to Use Power Twister Bars Effectively?

Power Twister bars are very common work out tools with a simple look. But It can be an extreme workout depending on its use. It normally helps you to get a perfect body shape in your chest and biceps. So, you need to know how to use it effectively. Unless you will miss your goals of exercise. Couple of simple exercises with a power twister bar are effective to develop your chest muscles and biceps.

You need to grip the bars smoothly and ensure not to slip while you bend the bar. Just bend the bar together for a while. Do it so often but don’t forget to take rest during the exercise. You need to apply extreme pressure on the bars and slowly bend it but don’t be so quick. Also, you can do bending exercises behind your head. It mostly develops your grips strength and your shoulder muscles.  

Benefits: Why Should You Use a Power Twister Bar?

Power Twister bar’s exercises are very simple and handy to use. There are a couple of reasons for using Power Twister bar exercise. Here are 8 benefits you might get from a Power Twister

  1.  Power Twister boosts your grip strength
  2. It also enriches your shoulders muscles.
  3. It emphasizes your lift capacity of heavy weight
  4. It also increases your reflection for other exercises.
  5. It also focuses on your triceps, forearms and wrists.  
  6. Power Twister develops you to get a proper body shape.
  7. Again, It develops your chest muscles and biceps primarily
  8. It develops your chest size and strength also your wrists and back.

Again, you might wonder by knowing 5 additional benefits of using a Power Twister besides the exercise benefits.

  1. Stable for longer use and handy tool.
  2. You can do exercise anytime anywhere.
  3. It is a very safe small instrumental tool than others.
  4. It is very inexpensive but an effective work out tool.
  5. It is also a very light weight and quick exercise tool.

Where to Buy and How Much Cost of a Power Twister?

Regular Power Twister Bars are available on any sports shop or a local market. But it is ideal to check the largest shop for buying a Power Twister with a competitive price. For this, you can also check online stores. Here can be your ideal place to check a huge collection of small instruments like Power Twister. Here you can choose one at a best price with lots of variation. A regular power Twister can cost you a minimum 500 TK with the highest range up to 2000TK.

Quality of the product

It's mandatory to check the quality of any product before you buy it. It's always easy to buy and check a product physically. But as you are looking for online it’s a bit tough. However, you can still get a solution to this problem. Just check the product description and specification and choose your ideal size and comfortable one by checking the images. You can assure yourself by checking the product ratings and reviews. Also, the comment/cheat box below the product can help you up with your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).   


It is our duty to maintain good health for our wellbeing. Regular exercise can help us to get rid from our daily life stresses. Small instruments like a power twister are always handy for a quick workout at your home. These small but effective tools can save your time and reduce your monthly bill for going to a gym.