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Find the best quality pocket knife at the best price from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, We offer various types of a pocket knife which can fold easily and fit for keeping in the pocket also.


There are many kinds of tools put together. When any of them is needed can be utilized. It's better known as Pocket Knife or MacGyver Knife. This pocket knife is a very useful tool. It can be used for any out-of-home use if it is in a pocket. It can have 11 to 30 tools. In particular, it can be used for various purposes when outdoors. Especially when it comes to camping, these things may not be an option.


It is also good to put together such tools to simplify the daily tasks, it is not possible to say when. And it's a nice fashion accessory that smart and style-conscious people know very well about it.

Some Important Tools that are Kept in a Pocket Knife

  • Nail file or nail cleaner,
  • A small blade,
  • Wood saw,
  • A ruler in feet, inches, and cm,
  • A hook disgorge or a fish scaler 
  • A small scissor,
  • A cyber tool, 
  • A small screwdriver,
  • A can opener,
  • A wire cutter,
  • A plier,
  • A pharmaceutical spatula,
  • A marlinspike or a shackle opener,
  • A magnifying lens,
  • A USB stick,
  • An LED light and many necessary tools can be kept in a pocket knife.

Some Pocket Knives That Are Available in AjkerDeal

Key Shaped Knife

The knife looks like a key. Its full length is 125cm and the length of the knife is 5cm. It is made of aluminum. There is some wooden work in its body. Color available- red, blue.

12 In 1 Multi-Functioned Army Knife 

The most popular pocket knife, also a necessary tool for outdoor activities as well as camping. It helps to do any kind of work in case of emergency situations. It is convenient to use, easy to carry and use.

The tools of this multi-tool include scissors, blade, bottle opener, can opener, fish scaler, nail filer, drilling cone, screwdriver, keyring, wire stripper, tooth edge knife, saw, etc. Its material is stainless steel. Its 

sizes- long 111mm, width 32mm, and thickness 20mm. It is red and silver-colored.

Folding Army Knife

The knife is foldable. It is very sharp. There is designed in the body of the knife. The color of the knife is silver and the handle is black colored.  

Multi-Functional Card Tool

This card tool is very thin like an ATM card. More than ten types of work can be done by this card tool. It can be kept in a money bag. T is very strong.


Foldable Columbia River Knife

It is made of stainless steel. Its weight is 160g. The knife has a folding option. It is very easy to carry and also easy to use. The knife is very sharp. Size- length 8 cm, thickness 2.5 mm, total length 18.5 cm. The blade is made of 420J2 and the hardness is 57Hrc.

Other Pocket Knives

There is a 10 in 1 army knife for multi-functional uses. There includes a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissor, plier, tweezer, saw, nail file, key ring for multiple uses. The smooth plastic fiber knife handle not only provides elegant & fashion appearance but also good handling. This also ensures precise with its sharp and stainless steel blade.


There is also a credit card-shaped folding pocket knife that comes with an elegant design like a credit card. They are great for camping and other outdoor activities also. There is a safety lock inside to prevent accidental opening. They also allow for delicate slicing and cutting through the toughest material. They are also ideal to easily keep in the pocket, purse or bags also. 


There is a pen-shaped safety knife that comes with the shape of a pen. They are ideal to keep in the pocket also. They can also be used as a tactical tool for any camping or survival need.

There is wallet ninja multi-tool which easily fits in your wallet-like credit cards. This multi-tool can be used for 18 multi-purposes.

There is a Tolsen utility folding pocket knife which comes with 5 extra-sharp blades. They can fold easily to a compact size with an easy-open & close system. 


We offer the finest quality gift items for you to choose from. Explore pocket knives online from and find the knife you are looking for. Just order the product and we will deliver the product to your doorstep. We offer cash on delivery. So, you can first check the product physically and then pay for it. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience from AjkerDeal. Happy Shopping!