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Masks at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

A mask is a type of cover on the face that is worn for entertainment, disguise,  protection, or performance. Masks are worn for completing rituals, protecting the face, for any cultural performance, or only for fun purposes. 

Origin of Mask

It is thought that the word ‘mask’ appeared in English culture in 1530. Most probably, the word ‘mask’ came from the Provencal word ‘Mascarar’ meaning ‘near to the face’. or from Arabic ‘Maskharah’, from the verb sakhira that means ‘to ridicule’.  Also, it may also come from the Medieval Latin ‘Masca’ or Italian word ‘Maschera.’ 

In ancient times, masks were used to complete religious occasions or ceremonies. Still now, in different areas of the world, the Massai, Julu, the Red Indians, and also other aboriginal people from Brazil, Australia, Africa, etc use masks. Moreover, masks also are worn for ornamentation, sports, protection, hunting, in feasts, or in wars. Masks are also used in psychotherapy, for drama or therapy.

Fancy Masks

Fancy masks are worn as part of a costume party. Generally in a theme party or costume party, people wear costumes in the body and mask in the face. They want to be like a character, like- Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, and many other famous and popular characters. To complete the costume for a costume party, a mask is a must.

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Some Masks That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Vendetta Mask

It is a white colored mask. It is easy to use. Made in high-quality material. It is made for kids.

3D Antic Skull Mask

The material of this mask is plastic. This is an adult mask. Some of its notable features are - eco-friendly, poison-free, impact resistance, and cool design made of non-toxic materials. It has an adjustable elastic band. It is quite strong and easy to carry. It is reusable. This mask is perfect for any dressing party, costume party, carnival, theme party, ball dance, live-action, or movie prop.

Ghost Mask Black And WHITE 

The mask is made with flexible material. It is suitable for motorcycles, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor sports or activities. It is made of lycra.

It is made with stretchable fabric. One size fits all. The age group who can use this mask is 2 to 4 years. The brand name is Nogordola.

LED Spider-Man Mask

The mask is red-colored. It is made for kids. There is a button, by pressing it, the lights are on. The mask is made of plastic.

Captain America Mask

The mask is multi-colored. Its material type is plastic. The mask is

very comfortable. Its weight is 921 grams. The mask is ideal for indoor and outdoor activity also. It gives a soft velvety feel to the users. The mask is made for kids.

Green Face Mask

The color of the mask is green. It is a good and high-quality product. It is easy to use. It has strap fastening for comfortable and adjustable wearing. The mask is fit for any adult party.

Iron Man LED Light Mask

The mask is red-colored. It is made for kids. There is a button, by pressing it, the lights are on. The mask is made of plastic. It is made of high-quality.

Hulk Lightening Mask

This Hulk mask is a unique material for children. This could be a nice gift for Hulk fans. The mask can be easily fitted with an elastic strap. It is very easy to wear. The mask is suitable for children. 

Baby Face Mask

The babyface mask is made in China. It can be easily worn by 2 to 12 years of babies. It can be stretchable. It has a nice design, made with soft fabric. It is long-lasting and made of high quality. The mask is easily washable. 

Hockey White Jason Killer Mask 

It is a hockey mask. The color is white. It is a good quality product. Very easy to use. It has an elastic strap for comfortable and adjustable wearing. It is made for adults and is suitable for an adult party. 

Celebrate your occasion with extra fun with party masks. Check out our collection of masks which come with attractive and elegant design for you to choose from. They are great for all types of parties or events.

They can also make a great addition to any costume of your favorite characters. We provide a wide variety of masks. There is an opera mask that comes with fashionable design and is ideal for any theme parties. Glow in the dark with ghost face masks. There is a winter face mask which is ideal to keep safe from dust &wind, keep warm in the winter. They are flexible and breathable to wear. 

We also offer masks of your favorite movie characters like Krrish mask, Hulk mask, Spiderman mask, and many more. There are also horror masks, skeleton masks, Halloween mask and many more to celebrate various events.

They are made of high-quality material for long-lasting and durable. They come with a free size that fits all. They can fit easily with an elastic strap. They are also very comfortable to wear. They are ideal to wear for men, women, teens, adults, and kids also. 

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