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The history of glasses is very ancient. Historians have discovered the use of human glasses in hieroglyphics to depict the ancient Egyptian civilization. At that time, there were different types of glass used to make things look clean. In the first century BCE, there is written evidence of the use of glass in the eye to remove vision problems. A teacher of the Roman Emperor Nero said that a glass of water mixed with a glass of water could be seen to see things far and wide, with descriptions of various things of the time. Roman Emperor Nero looked in the special glass eyes while enjoying the battle of the Roman gladiators.

What is meant by real glasses was first introduced in Italy in the 12th century. At that time, there has been a history of using glasses in the eye to bring small things to the eye by applying eyeglasses. The first glasses were made in Italy around 1220. A man named Giordano da Pisa made glasses for the first time. The purpose of the glasses made by Da Pisa was to cure vision impairment

An Italian inventor of the modern glasses can be called Girolamo Savonarola. He designed the present-day glasses in 1205. Earlier, glasses were placed in front of the eyes to avoid the blindness of the two eyes. Subsequent to the design of the Savonarola, various experiments were started with the design of the glasses. Slowly it gets a modern look.

People are getting lazy day by day. For this reason, a new trendy glasses are arrived called Lazy Glasses. Lazy Glasses are also known as 90-degree glasses. These are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back. The lazy glasses use a clever prism design to let you recline and look forward at the same time. Its material comes with plastic frames and optical standard lenses. This simple fashion style has a unique design and high level of periscope glasses.  These high tech glasses protect you from high radiation levels, and it is very beneficial to keep people physically and mentally healthy. Reading and watching TV does not depend on the head of the bed. It can prevent and relieve the pressure of the cervical vertebra and fatigue of the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder. Enjoy a quality life with the glasses.