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Lasers today are no longer limited to imagery - an integral part of our daily lives Significant improvements have been made in this technology. Laser nowadays is not surprising Laser pointer is seen during presentation On many occasions, colorful lasers are erupted in the sky with a laser Nevertheless, the laser still has an impression of science The light ray is cut off by a solid object like steel - it looks really strange.

The laser was actually created in the 1960's US physicist Theodore Memman created the first fully active laser. Lasers, like electric bulbs, radiate light But here is the end of the match Normal bulbs radiate different wavelengths around the detailed spectrum. With all these wavelengths, we see only white light Laser but radiates light at a certain wavelength For that, laser rays are always one color This light is extremely concentrated He focuses on a specific point - not around

At the root of the 'solid-body laser' is a ruby ​​rod, with an intrusive lamp around it. That is, in this case, the light is amplified or amplified The laser word is derived from the acronym "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".

The lamp of the mercury radiates light through a small flash As a result, the atoms in Ruby are excited and they radiate light particles One end of the ruby ​​rod is full, the other end partially reflective The light particles move between the two ends and also stimulate the other atoms Ruby rod strength levels to increase At one stage, the light shuts out in the direction of partial reflection of the rod

Laser technology is rapidly evolving since its invention in the 9th Lasers can measure distances extremely efficiently It can be cut, it can be added 1 Laser eye surgery is performed, which at one time seemed impossible.

Rechargable Green Laser Pointer:

Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer is built in lithium battery, USB rechargeable. This green laser has an excellent beam quality. It can be recharged at your computer or laptop. It is made with fine copper and covered with black metal. It has a clip. It comes with a gift box and USB cable. The green laser spot size is adjustable, the range is from 0 mm to 60 mm. It is great for pointing objects from long distance such as stars. It has keylock switch to prevent misuse by other people. It has power saving, compact and reliable facilities. Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer is available in the biggest online shop So for an exciting online shopping.  

Laser party Light:

Laser Party Light is used for various occasions like birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, rag party, cultural programs etc. it is used for making a wonderful decorations. It has more than 500 lasers. It has two operational modes- Auto and sound active. It has basically three colors- red, blue, green. Its net weight is 4.9 kgs. Whenever it activates on a room, the room shines. provides 100% original Laser Party Light at the BEST price. So grab it NOW!!! 

USB Wireless Remote Clicker Pen Presenter:

USB Wireless Remote Clicker Pen Presenter is a wireless remote. It has remote control laser flip. It is mainly used for professionals. It is used for PPT, Keynote, Prezi, Open Office, Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android etc. Its laser beam output power is 1 mW. Laser pointer with RF wireless control is designed specially for computers and multimedia projectors. It is ideal for lecturers, meeting presenters, teachers, sales managers or anyone giving a PowerPoint Presentation. Page up and down, Dark Screen and escape or resume functions pages could be turned freely and silently. No hassle setup, simply plug the USB receiver to your computer. No driver required. Lightweight and compact, fit into your pocket or handbag. 

Buy USB Wireless Remote Clicker pen Presenter at the cheapest price from the biggest online shop in BD.  

Unique Laser Light:

Unique Laser Light is very beautiful and dazzling effect light. There is no light like it. It has the most vivid, saturated color palette available.  The best film and video technologies unsurpassed by a contrast ratio. The ability to reach out in three dimensions and shower an audience with cascades of beams or embrace them in waves of moving light. It has random color with engraving tools. It is required 3AA batteries. Its material is aluminium alloy. Purchase Unique Laser Light with 100% guarantee from the biggest online shop and enjoy your shopping.   

2 in 1 Mini Laser Pointer:

2 in 1 Mini Laser Pointer has UV keychain Flashlight. It gives incredibly brightness that is visible over o0ne mile. It is micro size pointer so that you can go anywhere with it. It has unbreakable LED lamp which has 12+ hours of battery life. The battery can be replaceable. Buy different colors 2 in 1 Mini Laser pointer from

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