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Credit Card Wallet in Bangladesh |

Keep your cards safe with a credit card wallet. There are various types of credit cards available at our site. Buy credit card wallets online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh,

Aluminum Credit Card Holder 

There is an aluminum credit card holder which comes with slim and trendy design. When you add too many cards and cash together in a typical wallet they easily get overstuffed and bulky. 

Why Do People Use Credit Card Holders? 

Use these credit card wallets to neatly arrange all your essential cards. They come with durable, crush free, water resistant features for your long time use. For these reasons, many people prefer to keep credit card wallets to secure valuable credit cards. 

Compact And Elegant Style Credit Card Wallet

They also come in slim design to easily fit into pockets or purses. They are ideal to keep safe and secure your credit card, business card, ID card, cash and other belongings. They come with compact and elegant style. They also come in a compact aluminum case to keep your cards safe. 

Many Cards Can Be Kept Together 

Protect your valuable credit or debit card, business card, ID and other card or money in a credit card wallet. It is unlikely to break the pressure. Many cards can be kept together. It is also Waterproof and found in a  random colour.

Credit Card Shaped Wallets As A Fancy Gift Item 

Find the best quality credit card shaped wallets online from and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us. This type of wallet is perfect for gifting. You will also find fancy gift items on our Site. 

Affordable Price Of Credit Card Wallet For Men & Women 

They come in a wide variety of patterns and styles for you to choose from. There are also various colors available at our site. They can be easily used by both men and women. They also come at an affordable price within your budget.

Security Credit Card Wallet 

Security Credit Card Wallet Case Material made with an Aluminum Silicone Wallet. It protects all your important credit cards. It has 6 pocket Files. Credit Cards, Visiting Cards and Cash are protected in the wallet. This security credit card wallet size is 110 x 75 x 20 mm and weight about 62 grams. 

Accordion Design Of Credit Card Wallet

Accordion Design is based on the box shaped musical instruments. Ajkerdeal provides the security credit card wallet into the design of accordion that is also based on the multiple slots inside and have 6 pockets to keep credit card, visiting cards and even cash.  

Leather Card Holder Cum Mini Wallet

Wallet With Card Holder which is used as well as mini wallet to hold up to 8-10 cards. Main Material is 100% genuine Leather. It is a stylish and premium quality product. Fashionable, smart and bi-fold design wallet for men. The more you use this wallet the more the leather shines on this wallet.  

Multiple Slots Inside For Different Uses 

The aluminum material prevents hacking or accidental reading and protects cards from demagnetization damage. There is also a click button for easy opening and closing. There are also multiple slots inside for different uses and easy to carry. Choose the perfect one for your needs from our site.

Suitable Credit Card Shaped Wallets For Gifting

Credit card shaped wallet is a great and excellent wallet designed specifically to secure your various essential cards. There is no way to lose anything from your wallet because there is a lock mechanism. 

It is made of solid fibers and plastics so there is no harmful pressure on the outside of the inside, there is no way to be wasted. Modern tasteful design is also suitable for giving gifts to loved ones. 

Credit Card Holder 

Credit Card Holder - 361 - HMS. There are 6 fold-out accordion slots for storing your valuable credit cards, IDs, pictures or money. The special feature of this wallet is that it blocks RFID scanning; As a result, no one will be able to scan your credit card's important number at any time. This slim & handy credit card holder is made with a plastic shell with an aluminum case.

Wallet & Phone Charger In One

E-Charge Wallet Phone Charger (2500 mAh) is perfect for wallet & phone charger in one. Works with all phones including Samsung and iPhone. It  holds up to 2x the normal smart phone’s battery, and can fully charge your smartphone. Weighs less than a normal leather wallet. It  can withstand extreme heat and frigid cold.  RFID Protection. Great for all forms of travel. 

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