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We are all familiar with 3D. As familiar with 3D, then surely we are familiar with 3D glass, right? Because, with that 3D glass, that 3D is seen! 3D glasses come out of the imagination red brick sunglasses! And, those who have gone a little further may have been accustomed to seeing that 3D glass as ordinary white glasses in various movies.

What is 3D?

The full abbreviation of 3D is 3 Dimension, that is, 3 Dimensions so 3D. Here, 3 Dimensions is the length, width, and height. Those who have these 5 things can feel free to call them 3D! For example - but what we see with the eyes is 3D!

How does 3D work?

As I said a little earlier, everything we see in reality is 3D. So, this can be explained by using 3D as an example. One who has 5 dimensions of length, width and height is called 3D. As such, everything that is in front of our eyes is a 3D thing. But, what we are seeing with our own eyes, is it reasonable to say that 3D? Because, in general, every element of what we see on television is 3D, so do we claim that we are watching 3D now? Yes, what is being seen on television is not 3D, though its contents are 3D. In fact, watching a 3D and something else is a whole different thing! However, the thread that we see with our eyes is okay. 


Let's explain this - our two eyes look at two different images. Maybe one thing, but seeing the two eyes is very straightforward, there is an angular difference. And when our brain processes two types of images, we get the taste of seeing a 3D (image note). If we want that to be true, we can close our eyes and examine ourselves. And for this reason, we cannot close our eyes with a single thread. Again, for the same reason, one cannot close one's eyes when he throws the ball. Because, to do this, the distance thing has to be understood that it is not possible to close one eye!

How do we view 3D with 3D glass?

Now let's get to the main topic of how 3D glasses are viewed using 3D glasses. Since we know how the 3D thing works, this one will be no exception. However, the way of viewing this 3D is different in the types of glass and screen, although the main thing is that the picture is different from the different angles. Below is a description of how two different glasses work.

Anaglyph 3D Glass

This 3D glass is probably one of the most popular and cheapest 3D glasses. The color on one side is red and the other is Cyan. And what is displayed on the display screen is basically a picture taken from two different angles of the same image, one of which is red and the other is Cyan. When we see that particular picture or video after that 3D glass, the red color of the glass filters the blue color of the screen, and only the red color image is inserted. Again, the same thing happens in the blue part of the glass where the red color is filtered and the blue color enters. Thus we get two different images of the same picture. And after our brain processes it, we get a taste of that desired 3D. (Image note)

However, one of the major disadvantages of this thread is that it does not get the color taste of the 3D. Because these two different colors of Red and Cyan combined to make fun of 3D! Also, another problem is that using too much can cause a headache.

Polarized 3D Glass

This is the 3D glass we use when watching 3D Movies in different movie theaters. This glass may look like a simple white glass, but the two glasses have different mechanisms And to see the 3D through this glass a separate special screen is also needed. Here, two different images are used on the screen, the polarization is different. When viewing a 3D using that glass, one part of the glass only allows one part of the screen to be inserted and another part of the screen is filtered. And in the same way, the image on the part of the glass that was filtered in the other part can only be accessed. That is, glasses enter two different polarization images with two different glasses Since there is a slight angular difference between the two pictures, and the two pictures separately entering the two eyes, so what we see by processing these two pictures is 3D! 

The quality of this thread is many times better than the Anaglyph 3D. Also, the color picture was not seen in the previous one.

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