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Anti Pollution Face Mask & Other Items in BD 

In order to survive in this world, we have to need some essential products which will give us protection from the uncertain situation. For example, the name pollution has caused a lot of harm in our lives, whether it is on our skin or different parts of the body! So you all need anti-pollution products that ensure safety.

Anti-Pollution Products are Considered Important!

In order to avoid pollution, one has to rely on certain things to save one's life and to protect oneself from various harmful pollutants. Nowadays pollution and covid virus threaten our life, so we should protect our life with some anti-pollution products which are also necessary and playing a vital role. 

Some Anti Pollution Products In BD

You all need to be aware that your essential anti-pollution products are properly organized and furnished in your home and available at any time.  you can purchase some anti pollution protecting products from the nearest pharmacy in your house or from online. 

But in case you don't leave your house then should visit our site we give the specialty essential kits which are available to associate the specific motive.

PPE (WASHABLE) Personal Protective Equipment

Basically, personal protective equipment is to wear protective clothing, masks or other garments or equipment that is designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. The dangers posed by protective equipment, including physical, electrical, thermal, and chemical protection, protect it to some extent. Made in Bangladesh and free size is available on our site.

Eye Safety Glass - Blue

This eye safety glass gives complete protection to the eyes from any flying insects, dust, airborne germs outside. The glass is very clear so everything looks shiny. The glass is very comfortable as it can resist fog and sticks well around the eyes. The grip on the back of this glass is durable. 

Personal Protective Equipment Set (PPE)

Ajkerdeal provides the Personal Protective Equipment Set (PPE) which comes with a mask, gloves and shoe cover. The advantage of this set is that you can wash it with cold water 2/3 times after use if you want, but you can't sprain it after washing with water. 

KN95 5-layer Protective Respirator Mask

KN95 5-layer protective respirator mask is a high-quality mask made in the highest quality technology. This mask has 5 levels of defense. This mask resists about 95% germs and nanoparticles. This mask is FDA registered and internationally recognized so it resists any germs including dust, sand, viruses. This mask has a metal nose bridge near the nose so it is very comfortable to wear.

Surgical Face Mask 50 PCS

Face mask surgery is very important for us now because it is one of the necessary accessories now that we are out of the house. This is disposable as soon as it is used because it cannot be used a second time. Surgical Face Mask has very low resistance to breathing nose you can use it with a high filtration capacity of breathing. You can easily keep in a Nose Bar because of a perfect fitting and adaptable quality. 

Protective Face Shield

The face shield protects the entire face from any harmful elements on the outside. Face Shield Crystal Clear and Light Face Shield protects nose, eyes, mouth from any droplets, viruses, germs, germs, dust, polluted air outside. The Face Shield easily fits anyone's face of any size.

Disinfectant 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Pad

Disinfectant 70% isopropyl alcohol pads use it to disinfect and clean any part of the body. Wipe the designated area with this pad before applying insulin. Wipe the area before taking blood out of the hand to measure diabetes. It is also a widely used product in hospitals before any type of injection or canola is applied. 70% alcohol.

Disposable Tissue Cap Blue (10 Pieces)

The Disposable Blue Tissue Cap is a medical product. Which is mainly used in medical-related work. It is also used in various hotels and Chinese restaurants for hair preservation. It is usually used for sensitive areas where hair loss will be a problem. The quality of this cap is very high quality as it is used in the operating theater. Each cap is different. 

It can be made as big as your own comfort. Free size available so girls can keep their hair inside the cap even after having their buns. It can also be used after work at home. Very thin so comfortable to use. Ajkerdeal is giving you this usable tissue cap at a very affordable price so browse our website now without delay.