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Powdered milk is made by evaporating the liquid milk. Since liquid milk spoils very quickly, many people choose to use and drink powdered milk instead of liquid milk. Many people prefer to use powdered milk as it is quite useful for use and storage. If you make any food using powdered milk, such as payesh, semai, sweets, yogurt, etc, the taste of the food increases many times and also comes an extra creamy texture. So nowadays many people use powdered milk while making sweet national food.

Some people prefer to drink powdered milk instead of liquid milk. Because they think that powdered milk is more nutritious than liquid milk. All the nutrients in liquid milk are also present in powdered milk, but there are some significant differences between powdered milk and liquid milk. And it is very important to store powdered milk properly, otherwise, it can cause bacterial infections very easily.

Some Features of Powder Milk

The Taste and Nutritional Value of Powdered Milk 

Powdered milk can easily replace liquid milk. Because it contains different vitamins and minerals. Also, any drink and shake can be made very easily with powdered milk. However, the taste of powdered milk is a little different. Many people like the taste of powdered milk. But powdered milk is by no means more nutritious than liquid milk. Sometimes powdered milk can be eaten to change the taste.

Cheap in Price

One of the aspects of using powdered milk is that it is very affordable. Powdered milk is much cheaper than natural milk or packaged milk, and is almost as nutritious as liquid milk. So nowadays powdered milk has become quite popular among people.

Powdered Milk for Lactose Intolerants

For those who are allergic to milk and dairy foods or have acidity, in general, for those who can not eat milk, there is ‘Low Lactose Powdered Milk Formula’. According to research, this low lactose powdered milk is extremely safe for those who cannot take normal milk. So those who have trouble drinking milk, they can try this milk.

Is Well Dissolved

Poor quality powdered milk does not mix with water. So when buying powdered milk you have to look for good quality and good brand. At the same time, you have to look at the expiration date of powdered milk. Otherwise, it can cause stomach problems.

Recipe for Making Powdered Milk

You can make powdered milk at home in a healthy way. The recipe is given below -

Necessary Materials

1 liter of liquid milk, 1/2 cup of sugar.

Preparation Method

Put a pan on the stove and add milk to it. When the milk boils, reduce the heat of the stove and keep it over the stove. Gradually the milk will continue to drip. When the cream falls, it should be brought in the middle from all sides with the help of a spoon. In this way, all the milk will be converted into the cream and poured into a bowl.

Then spread the cream on a plate and let it dry. When the creams are well dried, they have to be picked up from the plate and broken by hand. Finally, blend the dried cream and sugar well in a blender. This is how homemade healthy powdered milk will be made.


A glass bottle can be filled with powdered milk and stored in a normal fridge for about a month. The bottle lid must be closed well after use. Otherwise, the powdered milk may be wasted by entering the air.

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