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It is very important to clean the house every day, but all time it cannot be done due to different reasons. So the windows, the kitchen sink, and the corners of a washroom are easily caught by dirt.

There is no substitute for cleanliness to stay away from any kind of illness. But dust is an airborne object that easily takes up space in the house and makes the house dirty. At the same time, various germs also spread. However, it is possible to keep the house clean easily if you know some techniques. has brought some cleaning objects to keep your house clean, such as - tiles cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, stainless steel-made scrubber for cleaning dishes, liquid dishwasher, and more. So find your necessary products on AjkerDeal and order them to get home delivery.

Below are Some Simple But Helpful Tips for Keeping The House Clean:

Kitchen Cleaning

When food burns in a pan, it becomes very difficult to clean. In this case, mix liquid dish soap and water together in this pan and let it heat in the stove for a while. When it boils, turn off the stove and let it cool. After cleaning the dishes, you can see that burnt food is rising easily.

The dirt is scattered on the floor of the kitchen sink, so it is dirtier. A large dustbin can be placed to solve this problem.

Toilet Cleaning

Bathrooms can be cleaned with a Harpic and tiles cleaner powder. In addition, it is better to keep a garbage basket in the bathroom, in which soap and shampoo’s packet, wrapped tissue, etc. can be thrown.

Room Cleaning

The spider hangs in the corner of the wall and often with it hanging ink also sticks. The ceiling brush is available to easily clean the dirt from the house. These brushes with long handles use soft plastic fibers or coconut stalks. Due to the long handle, dirt can be easily cleaned with the help of this brush.

When cleaning window glass, the inside should be cleaned horizontally and the outside vertically. It has wipes on the windows but it is not easy to understand. And when cleaning the glass, it can be wiped with white vinegar, it will make the glass shiny. Wipe the window glass well with a little vinegar on a clean cotton cloth.

Occasionally the dust on the door should be wiped off with a dry cloth. Plastic doors can also be wiped with a wet cloth.

It is uncomfortable to see if there is dust on the curtain. Clear the curtain with a vacuum cleaner and then wash it. And if the curtain is too heavy, it can be given into dry wash for cleaning.

To clean the floor, mix half a cup of tiles cleaner in one liter of water. This keeps the house sterile and less dirty.

Cleaning The Fridge

The fridge needs to be cleaned regularly with care. Have time to clean the refrigerator at least one day a month. First, you have to switch off the fridge and disconnect the electricity. Then wash the inside and outside of the fridge with water mixed with dishwashing liquid or vinegar. The trays, pockets, and racks of the fridge should be taken out and washed with detergent powder. Remove excess water and let them dry. Then you have to set the trays, pockets, and racks again. If you keep the fridge closed for a while, the ice will automatically melt after a while. Then they should be gently removed with a plastic spoon. Clean the whole fridge, dry the water, and then turn on the fridge again.

Cleaning The Oven

The easiest way to clean a microwave oven is to mix lemon juice and water together in a ceramic or glass bowl and put it inside the oven. Then you have to wait by pressing the ‘Clean’ button in the oven. After about 5 minutes, you can see that the lemon-water mixture has spread inside the oven. When the oven cools down, clean the inside and outside of the oven with a sponge or clean cloth.

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