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Three different varieties of wheat and rye flour. From left to right: wheat flour Type 550, wheat flour Type 1050, rye flour Type 1150. Flour is a powder produced by grinding raw grains, roots, beans, nuts, or seeds. Flours are applied to produce various kinds of foods. Cereal flour is the principal ingredient of bread, which is a staple food for the largest cultures. Wheat flour is one of the numerous essential elements in Oceanic, European, South American, North American, Middle Eastern, North Indian and North African cultures, and is the defining component in their styles of breads and pastries. Corn flour has been essential in Mesoamerican cuisine since early times and endures a staple in the Americas. Rye flour is an ingredient of bread in central Europe.

Cereal flour consists of both of the endosperm, germ, and bran together or of the endosperm only. Meal is unless differentiable from flour as having slightly coarser shred size or is synonymous among flour; the word is applied both ways. For example, the word cornmeal usually connotes a grittier texture whereas corn flour connotes fine powder, although there is no codified dividing line.


The earliest archaeological evidence for wheat grains smashed between simple millstones to produce flour dates to 6000 BC. The Romans were the beginning to scrape seeds on cone mills. In 1879, at the start of the Industrial Era, the initial steam mill was built in London. In the 1930s, some flour produced to be enhanced among iron, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. In the 1940s, mills began to enrich flour and folic acid was appended to the list in the 1990s.

Degermed and heat-processed flour

An essential problem of the industrial revolution was the maintenance of flour. Transport distances and a moderately slow distribution system collided among natural shelf life. The reason for the inadequate shelf life is the fatty acids of the germ, which take from the moment they are exposed to oxygen. This happens when the grain is milled; the fatty acids oxidize and flour starts to become rancid. Depending on climate and grain quality, this method exerts six to nine months. In the modern 19th century, this method was too little for an industrialized production and distribution cycle. As vitamins, micronutrients and amino acids were entirely or relatively distant in the modern 19th century, removing the germ was an adequate solution.


Milling of flour is performed by crushing grain between stones or steel wheels. Now, "stone-ground" ordinarily means that the grain has been pounded in a mill in which a rolling stone wheel rolls over a stationary stone wheel, vertically or horizontally including the grain in between.

Modern mills

Roller mills forthwith reinstated stone grist mills as the making of flour has historically driven technological progress, as endeavors to produce gristmills extra productive and less labor-intensive headed to the watermill and windmill. These terms are forthwith applied extra broadly to uses of water and wind power for purposes additional than milling. More lately, the Unifine mill, an impact-type mill, was formed in the mid-20th century.

Home users have started grinding their own flour from organic wheat grains on a kind of electric flour mill. The grinding method is not much dissimilar from grinding coffee but the mills are larger. This contributes fresh flour by the benefits of wheat germ and fiber without spoilage.

Modern farm machine allows livestock farmers to do some or each of their own milling when it becomes time to convert their own grain crops to coarse meal for livestock feed. This ability is economically significant because the profit margins are often thin rather in commercial farming that saving costs is vital to staying in business.

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Flour carries a high proportion of starches, which are a subset of complex carbohydrates more recognized as polysaccharides. The species of flour applied in cooking combine all-purpose flour, self-rising flour, and cake flour including bleached flour. The higher the protein content the harder and stronger the flour, and the higher it will create crusty or chewy breads. The lower the protein the softer the flour, which is sufficient for cakes, cookies, and pie crusts. Now you can flour from online. You can get whatever you want from Ajkerdeal. Now Ajkerdeal also provides grocery items. For your regular need you can visit the Ajkerdeal website. From Ajkerdeal you can get offers and discounts from the merchants. You can get flour from your preferred brands from Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal provides 36 hour Cash on Delivery on Grocery items. Now you can order it from online from home and get it in your preferred address.